Thinking Joining Was Not such a Good Idea!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Muse, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey There Chaps!

    I recentley joined my unit in late October 2007 after doing 6 months in ITC Catterick as a recruit and it's only now that i'm having my doubts.

    I know what you're thinking: Crowbag lol

    But seriously, I'm not enjoying my time here.It feels like Depot and we do alot of nothing and it's not what i joined up for.People keep saying "Oh it wil get better, just deal with it until a tour comes up", but they forget the glaring problem in that statement: I'm only ever going to tour for 6 months at a time and that still leaves another 6 months of rubbish to contend with at camp.

    We are stationed in the middle of nowhere, it's cold and it's wet,but thats not what bothers me.Infact, it doesn't at all.

    What bothers me is my view of the Army has been shattered by only a few months here.The Army and alot of personnel claim that it beats civilian life, you get to see the world and you make alot of friends.

    Yes, i've made a couple of very close friends, but that is in no way a balance to the amount of idiots, bullies and nutters that i've met.It's a shame that just a little brain matter distances you completley from the blokes.They see you as a smart arse because you can answer questions they can't, they see you as gobby when alls you are merely doing is sticking up for yourself which, regardless of you being in the army, you are still always allowed to do.

    You may be thinking "Ahh this is another weak individual who can't hack it", but this simply boils down to the fact that i can't deal with living a life with more downers than there are perks.Why be subjected to difficulty for over a year only to do the thing you wanted to do for a few months?

    I'm beggining to doubt my career choice, but i can't see anyway of getting out in the near future if thats what i want to do, so i was just wondering if anyone knew anyway i could get out in the near future without doing a line of coke or trying to kill myself? :D
  2. which regiment are you in?
  3. Edited because I'm a mong.
  4. What would you rather be doing?By this I mean would you prefer a trade,a different branch of the services.
  5. Infantry units spend a lot of time doing in house trg ie jnco cadres, sigs cadres, dvr trg & excercises in between tours but it all depends on ur units role as well!

    Yes it's a very true & dissappointing fact that their is bullies in units, ranging from inf to corps, etc the main thing i could advise is because ur a fresh meat/blood in ur unit is knuckle down untill the next batch of sprogs arrive from the depot, if it's past that point then further action maybe ur only option (i don't know ur situation or unit so can't comment further on the subject i'm afraid)

    As for 6 months tours u could always ask thru ur coc (chain of command) to volunteer to get attached to another unit which is being deployed much sooner than ur own, their maybe vacancies need filling but thats something ur coc will control anyway & being new i doubt they would release u anyway but u can only ask & try?

    Transfer is another option yes but done thru ur coc it can be quite a lengthy process depending yet again on ur unit?

    Lastly i'm not gonna slag u off m8 as we've all been in the "sprog" situation when we all started off in the bn no matter what part of the army we joined! when i joined mine ( a long time ago) they were on a 6 month tour in belfast, everyone has their own way of dealing with this situation, some better than others but i'd recommend sticking it out & wait for more replies on this thread

    Finally good luck with ur enquiry & don't give up m8
  6. Having a bit of brains in an Infantry unit means you should be able to get rank quicker, assuming you can do the job.
  7. Try doing courses or find something to do outside the usual run of things
    Sounds like a cliche but the Army has tons to offer you just need to look for it.
  8. msr

    msr LE


  9. Hopefully your not trawling for a negative response..........if you feel your wasted in the job you are doing then seek a transfer. If your as cerebrally advantaged as you claim then a transfer to one of the Corps should not pose a drama.
  10. Muse,

    I sympathise. Talk to your RCMO as soon as you can, tell him you are unhappy and are thinking of quitting and ask about the chances of a transfer to another Corps. Before you visit him, use this site and the Army website to find a trade that will mentally challenge you. Do your homework and find a better future.

    Square pegs do end up in round holes, and the Army has a transfer system to solve that problem, although I have written that I thought the Army was going to make transfers compulsory for all soldiers! :D :D :D

  11. I know where you are mentally mate, but it does get better. My first posting was shit too. Do what I did, go on every course you can, and try and get on a JNCO course as soon as possible Go adventure training. Make the most of your time and use what the army has to offer.

    When you first join, people that arent as intelligent will not like the fact that the new guy is more intelligent than they are. I had the same problem. However when they see what you can achieve (and I passed my JNCO Course within six months of reaching Bn), they will start to respect you more and life will get better. You can't expect to be on tour and doing exciting stuff all the time. You need a break, and once you have been doing a six month tour you will understand that you need to rest up for a while to mentally recover.

    Meanwhile train hard. Become a super soldier. Put the others to shame with excellent fitness and a good understanding of your job. The more you put in the more you will get out. I worked my balls off when I got to Bn and was in Recce within 9 months. That might be something for you to aspire to - as I learnt so much from my colleagues and also relished the role of recce.

    I left a year ago now, but if you need anyone to talk to feel free to drop me a PM.
  12. F*cking C*ck! (apologies to MODs)
  13. Top advice, idiot.. :evil:

    Edited to say Bossdog beat me to it...