Thinking caps on please.

A friend of mine is about to inherit £50k.She doesn't want her "partner" to know anything about it,for reasons that I will not go into.
So,are there legal ways of hiding the cash?,bank accounts in Jersey or the Isle of Man?should I offer to take the cheque and give her the cash as required?
Over to you lot.
If they aren't married her partner doesn't have a claim to it anyway unless they have a joint debt which needs repaying asap ie they are bankrupt.

If she doesn't want her 'partner' to know about it, all she has to do is open a savings account and not tell her 'partner' about it or she can invest it somehwre (best option with 50k). Best thing for her to do is to make sure any mail concerning whatever she has done with it does not come to eh address they share.

Alternatively, she can place it in trust for herself, especially if she is considering passing over to you and then asking for cash whenever. As a beneficiary of the trust she will always be safe in the knowledge that if you use the cash for your own personal gain you get in some deep poo, as it is still hers you just look after it. If she is over 18 she can stop the trust whenever she wishes.

Another suggestion would be to break up with said 'partner' as their relationship obviously revolves around lies and a lack of trust and is destined to fail in the future.


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She can simply stick it in a high interest account, but use someone elses address as the CC addy.

Therefore, she opens a high interest account in her own name, but gives the bank VERY clear instructions as to where the mail is to go.
Thanks for the help so far.
They are not married,have no children to worry about.No bad debts.Own property,it is paid for.She is very worried about her partner finding out about this,and really does not want him to know anything about it.Hence the problem with bank statements etc.
I don't really want to get involved,but unless we can find a safe way of dealing with this,I may have to.
Keep thinking please.
Bare in mind that assisting to launder money is a criminal offence, how much do you trust your friend? Are you being told the full truth. If I were you I would not touch this with a barge pole.

I am not sure but if she opened an online bank account where there was no paper trail as such (all done online), wouldn't this work for her?

Or maybe ask her solicitor to hold onto it until after they have separated.
The gov will probably have a chunk of it. What's left, to the pension fund? Set up another account for it, let it earn 9% for a while? Or try commodities; £50,000 will get a reasonable amount of gold, but not so much that you have to pay a fortune for storage in a massive vault. In these recessive times, gold will hold value very well.

Bear in mind it will have to go on her tax return or it's tax evasion. This does sound a bit dodgy; if it turns out to be new notes with consecutive serial numbers stained with purple dye, leg it ;)
Undoubtedly, the easiest way would be to set up an online account with one of the building societies. No paper statements, although there is some paperwork to deal with intially, it's kept to a minimum. Most of the online accounts don't issue paper statements.


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Did you give her it? :twisted:
and was it large?

Nigerian scammers are a lot less ambitious these days, aren't they?

EDIT: Boll0cks. Beaten to it. :oops:
Top tip, look for financial advisers in the Yellow Pages. Asking for help in the NAAFI is just mental.
Online account with no paper statements

50K worth of Premium Bonds

New savings account with statements sent to somewhere else like her parents

Invest it with a good agency and she'll make a tidy sum while she drums up the courage to bin the bloke

There's a few options for you, or you could always transferring the accont details to my honourable friend Dr. Sir. Ramakze Triato Smith-Weston in my esteemed peoples democratic nation of Nigeria who will, for a fee that can only be described as minimal (in that is 50 thousand Great British Sterling) send you accont details that are applying to a credit worth into the millions of pounds. You truly will be wealthy man with worries that do not exist.


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vvaannmmaann said:
A friend of mine is about to inherit £50k.She doesn't want her "partner" to know anything about it,for reasons that I will not go into.
My bold. She planning a murder?

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