Thinking bout joining the army?????

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by oldguy1980, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey.. hello everyone

    Ok 27 years old and looking to join the army, obviolusly by posing on the infantry this would be my chosen 1.

    k i have a few questions bout my 3 possible choices.

    1. assualt pioneer- chose this as number 1 cos you learn skills like carpentry etc also i am still in the thick if it.

    2. driver/ railway operator.. k chose this as i though the skills i could get drining a train would give me a decent paid job afterwards.

    3. PTI. chose this as love to keep fit and if i came out being a personal trainer would be an interseting career.

    Ok reason for joining is mainly i want an intersting job and am sick of sitting on the sidelines and watching my fellow brothers fight for us all.

    So its for the expirence is my main reason and try to get some usefull skills so if i do leave then i could get a better job.

    Please respond with respect and thaks for reading my post.
  2. respect
  3. respect
  4. Wah.

    If not a Wah, go join the Navy they cater for flids.
  5. Oh no i made a spelling mistake.......

    For all of you who have replied upto now i guess your all a bunch of ******* idiots.. no other explanation for it. enough said
  6. Just do which ever you feel you will enjoy the most. Simple.
  7. Thats the spirit, you'll fit in with the Royal Naval Stoker Corps a treat.
  8. Respect is earned fella, not given. This isnt some street corner where kids in burberry diss you. The majority of men and women that frequent this site have earned the respect due to them.

    To answer your question, try the Engineers. You'll get your trade for the future, and still be "in the thick of it" as you so wish.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. If your going to join, then get on with it. If your looking for the glamour then you should go to hollywood. As for being in the thick of it, be very careful what you wish for. Not much call for train drivers in the infantry. If anyones an idiot it looks pretty much like you. :twisted: