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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKmDEVON, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Newbie here. I have wanted to join one of the reserve forces for years now but the problem is that in the job I do I could not risk being called up to do 3-6 months plus away as my career would seriously suffer. What are the chances of me being called up for active duty at some far flung county (save for of course some MAJOR conflict). Do some units get called up more often than others?

    Your help would be most useful.
  2. If you joined up tonight. You would need to complete a series of recriut weekends and a 2 week trade or Combat course -- all good healthy fun!!
    This would take about 15 weeks , give or take.
    As far as being called up, depending on what you do, you will at some point be sent off to a cosy corner of the world. Sad to say, but the Regs depend on the TA now more than ever.

    All good fun stuff. Really good for the CV and 'normal job' experience. I would recommend it over anything... well almost!!

    Best of luck!
  3. I would recommend that you avoid joining the armed forces if you dont want to be mobilised.
  4. We get mobilised? Oh, dear god no. That wasn't in the brochure. I'll be having a word with the RSM about this.
  5. ha! I know.. I was promised Sailing trips and Adventures in the mountains!!!

    Instead... we do get a free trip to the Sunny desert and free 'street wear' (ie combat clothing!!!)..
  6. When you join - you will be attested and pledge your allegiance to the queen and to defend her as and when she decides. That tends not to be in the UK as there are not too many dust ups going on here. If you are not up for that - think again.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Although most mobilisations are now voluntary, you would risk being compulsary mobilised if they couldn't make the numbers up with volunteers.

    However your employer could appeal against you being mobilised but then you risk that failing and having to go (and possibly loosing your job). Have a look at Sabre website
  9. Hello. I'm a newbie inhere. I'm in the Dutch TA.
    My question is why you Brits call it "Territorial" Army when you can be deployed out of your "Territory"?
    Overhere in Holland we aren't even allowed to get deployed for combat duty outside the country.
    There were a few Dutch TA's who went to Iraq,but with a special arrangement. they were temporary discharged from their TA unit and placed in a unit of 16 Air-Assault.
    That's the only way here the TA can get deployed. Further on we are only working within the country's borders.

    Danny, Dutch TA
  10. The reality of todays TA is that if you join you will get an overseas vacation in peacetime. If your personal circumstances are such that you can't deal with this then sadly the TA is not for you. The days of being liable for callout solely for WW3 are behind us now.
  11. Thanks for your input QRK2. It made it clearer to me. there are rumours here that our TA name (Korps Nationale Reserve) is going to change also. I've heard names like National Guard etc.
  12. Hey Danny

    I worked with the Dutch marines 120 mm mortars in Bosnia at the Orange factory, they were all so big and butch how come in your photos you are so small and puny?

    Do you attend the Charlie Chaplin school of body building?

  13. Puny eh? :roll:

    Anyway, i'm 1,78mtr tall. Is that really short? i'm 11 stone in weight .Our marines try to live up to the view the world has about marines. Just like the USMC,all upper body muscles. I don't know if you ever came across Dutch SF personnel ? Totally different build mostly. The more muscles,the more oxygen they take away from the body.And oygen is essential to do strenuous labour. In the SF you do have to have a certain upperbody strength,but the main focus is upon your stamina,which for 90% goes coop with your legs. I have outrun blokes about twice the size of me,carrying the same weight.
    The farmost important thing is that you have it all sorted out between your ears.
    So maybe i may look skinny and puny in the pics,but i know for myself i stand my grounds.

    Cheers; Danny
  14. Danny,

    He's just trying for a bite, I'm 1.8m (5ft,11") tall, and 11stone. We have an expression in this country "racing snake" which applies to blokes like us. Pound for pound, us wiry types are much better value for money. :wink: