thinking about signing up

Want to join, few questions

Im 16, nearly 17 and want to join the TA but I want to clear a few things up first.

1, what’s the emphasise in basic training, is there a lot of marching and drill or is it more combat/role orientated?

2, How long do you have to serve before you can volunteer to go to Iraq/Afghanistan, can you pick where you go ect?

3, If I don’t like it can I leave/transfer at any time?

Thanks for the help


The best thing to do is visit yout local unit and ask them.

Good to see enthusiasm, but you can't join until you are 17 1/2 at the earliest.



Infcand- the minimum age for enlistment into the TA is 17.5 yrs. (however i have noticed a few cases of "under-agers" getting in (very rare tho). but the rules may have changed recently)

1) basic training consists of a number of weekends...2 week recruit course, then some extra weekend training after wards (mostly firing ranges). its a basic course which covers all areas of basic soldiering equally.

2)As soon as you are termed a trained soldier, you can deploy. has been done in aslittle as 6 months from enlistment to deploying (infantry though).

3)You enlist for 3 years, but can leave at any time, however if you dont think you can last that long, then the TA may not be for you. you can transfer between units, but the paper work for the transfer takes time and will delay your pay.

Glad to see that your thinking about joining up. it may be one of the best things you ever do. there is an FAQ page somewhere, that will give you all the in's and out's of your training etc...

someone help with the link?

(Getting lazy in your old age, fella?)

Pal, unfortunatly you are underage at the moment, as joining the TA was the best thing i ever done! (Apart from when i said "No" when my mum asked for more sex, i can't take 6times a day at the best of times, let alone when i have to give it to some fat heffa) I would ask what you are thinking to do career wise, if you could have some qualifications under you belt before you join up it would be a great help.

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