Thinking about rejoining

i left just under a year ago and thinking about rejoining.

i served 5 and 1/2 years.

if i rejoin would i still be on my old pension scheme or would i have to change to the new aint getting anything till your 55 and almost dead?

thanks in advance
Alright mate, I left the Army in 2007 and almost instantly regretted it stuck out civvie street for a year and rejoined last September unfortunately you do shit out or you're right to AFPS 77 and you automatically join on the new scheme.

You do qualify for a re-join bounty though so that might seal the deal, if it's certain trades you're re-joining it's 6500 quid so it's worth a look.
its just that my civvi pension i pay into is better than the new one. But not as good as the old one pension scheme.

if this was my only deciding factor do you think they would consider letting me stay on the old one?

thanks again
I don't think they would consider it as that sort of thing is dictated by Army policy but **** it, you can only get told no. Go for it if you can't get what you want it's not like you're committed until you sign on the dotted line!
Hope you don't mind me jumping in here, I have a friend who got out three years ago now, and wants to know what trades the bounty applies too and how long do you have to be out to qualify / not qualify for the money.

Thanks in advance.

There are various rates ranging from 2.5k - 8k it depends on rank, trade and what qualifications you have. If you log on to armynet and look under the career tab then go to MS web look on the RCMO page you will find a link that will answers all your questions in there. As for time, you must be out the army for over 6 months but not longer than 6 years.
Thanks borderer, much appreciated.
Re-join, its secure, well OK something might happen overseas but, guaranteed pay each Month, as for your Pension, its Pension 2000 I'm afraid, not as good as Pension 75 but better than "Nowt", if you are only joining because the Military has a relatively good Pension Scheme, oooops, please think again.
You'll definitely be on the new pension scheme if you rejoin

Also, you won't get anywhere by saying that not going back onto AFPS 75 is a deal-breaker. The Army is being inundated with applications at the recruitment is not a biggie just now. least you'll have a safe job with a better pension and benefits than you're likely to have in civvy street.
AFPS 05 has one good point, if you have had enough at 18 years + you can take your pension earlier than those on the AFPS 75. You will get less money but it still an option.
i was training at bassingbourn, and started there on 19.1.09, and i was fucked about because i got mtss on my right shin, cuz of that i was medically discharged for 12 months ( personally think thats too long for somthing so minor) any body know if they can change the length of time ur our for, for e.g. if ur doctor/gp was to pass you off as fit to carry on????
bancomat said: least you'll have a safe job with a better pension and benefits than you're likely to have in civvy street.
Safe job or do you mean job security.

better pension.....on the old scheme im better off. however on the new scheme my civvy pension pays more.

Benefits? some yes. but also a lot of bad points.
You know as well as i do the good and bad points.

Recruitment is good, all the people that are getting laid off and cant hold a job at tesco's.
lets be realistic, you wouldnt follow some of them in conga never mind into battle.

I think i have found my answer to my question. So thank you all for your good answers and your bancomat ones.

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