Thinking about packing it in

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Boddington, May 2, 2012.

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  1. After more than a year of trying I STILL don't have enough stamina to run even half a mile let alone 1.5 and I can't seem to get my weight under 85kg (for my height I have to be below 79). Is there any point in carrying on trying or should I just accept that my body isn't good enough?
  2. You are clearly weak and lazy, nothing to do with your body, you are mentally weak.
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  3. Man up, wetpants.

    I sometimes despair.
  4. 20yr old 5ft7 and over 85kg? Can't run 1/2 a mile, my dad can and he's 81.
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  5. As much fun as abuse is, an it does sound like he needs to man up, could I also suggest changing your training programme? Do a few half miles as fast as possible with a minute or two rest in between every other day(I mean three or four half miles in one session), but then do 3 or four miles walk / run in between making sure to take two days rest a week (separate days not just Saturday and Sunday). Gradually build up the run and reduce the walk and slowly make the Half miles faster, increase the rest in between if you need, you'll get there. One last tip... it will hurt!! if your the type to stop the moment your out of breath then maybe your not cut out for the forces. Good luck
  6. This Army thing sounds fun.

    I might join.

    You dick.
  7. I'm going to hell for that aren't I?
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  8. Obviously taking into account its after 1 and I'm leathered so guessing you are too sluggy, why exactly am I a dick?
  9. An who ever said the Army was fun?
  10. If after a years training at 20yr old he's too idle to run more then 880 yards what can be added?
  11. FFS, just take the bus like all of us know-it-all civvy wankers do.
  12. I seriously wish I was leathered. I've been on the phone to old friends tonight.

    You're a dick, because I say so. If you have a problem with that, speak to the AWS or someone who cares. I couldn't give a flying fuck.

    What I don't like is someone giving it the large one to someone who is poorly and not on the oh so very important internet.

    That is all.

    Did I miss out "Bite me"?. I am obviously slacking in my old age.

    Don't try me, just fucking don't.
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  13. Post your year long training routine.
  14. 'Its hard I'll have to eat a pie and then another'
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  15. If you have a iPhone or iPod try down loading the app 'get running' its designed to get you running from coach Potato to 5km. To be honest I have some sympathy for the guy, I find it hard to run short, fast distances. As I have mentioned before, I have not been training for along time so my fitness has dropped to nothing, which ment I failed by pft by a significant margin but at the same weekend I was able to pass my cft with relative ease ( well I wasn't blowing out of my arse anyway. Some of us are just not designed for running fast. However I have recently started back into running. I run 2 miles with 25lbs on my back. I hope that as I get used to running with weight when I run without it I will run that bit faster

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