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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Honey_Monster, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi eveyone,Been Lurking for a while now and decided to register.I'm so sick and tired of my current situation,I've almost been on the dole for 4 years and i'm sick of being a bum.I have been having thoughts of joining the army for a lil while now,but not 100% sure,As i heard alot of negative stuff and with the recent cuts to the military force,Has made the choice harder to make.Its a perfect opportunity to get my life back on track,As currently i've got no hope of finding employment and the recent cuts have me worried,That within a year or two,I'm going to be thrown out.I would be looking to get into the infantry or driving,Whats the demand for these roles and would their be a long wait to start training ?
  2. If only there was a place on the high street staffed with people who know all about this?
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  3. I'm only considering this at the moment as a option.I'm asking on here for the honest truth from people who have and are currently serving,Not someone down the recruitment center,Who going to feed me shit to hit his goals and cash his bonus in.
  4. What do you base that assumption on?

    You should go to the AFCO, it's a big step but you won't get press ganged.
  5. I've heard from multiple sources.What do you mean by press ganged...The media ?
  6. Bloody hell mate!

    Four years on the dole?

    Get down to the recruiting office asap, a fit young bloke with four years unemployment, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  7. We haven't had one of these threads for a couple of days. I don't think you have been lurking very long!
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  8. Definately in the wrong place for that then.
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  9. Well thank for the warm welcome to this lovely fourm.I don't know why you are so paranoid,Because i dont work for the media,Yes i undstand the media will will try to use fourms/sites like these for information,But there is genuine people,Like myself who are here for guidance/help,And its not fair to assume their from the media or elsewhere,For asking for help and general questions.
  10. Are you for real? No one has mentioned the media.

    Press gang: "to coerce (a person) into taking a certain action, political stand, etc.:
    to be press-ganged into endorsing a candidate."

    The best option is to go to your ACIO and ask them all your questions. They will have the answers and if they don't, they can get them.
  11. I thought press-ganged was referring to the media,Thank you for clearing that up.I would book an appointment at my local recruitment center,But i got to get in shape before hand,Which is probably going to be 10-12 mouths.Can someone point me in the right direction of future intakes for the infantry and driving ?
  12. The ARMY does not want negative people considering options it wants positive people who know what they want and go for it as a first choice.

    The ARMY is not a dumping ground for losers, which is what you sound like.

    try stacking shelves at tescos night shift.
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  13. Who are you calling a loser ?
    You dont know me,So stop being a prejudging ****.I joined this site for some guidance,So i could look deeper into a army career,Before i make a decision.
  14. Honey Monster

    Noone has a good idea on what the recruiting times and figures may be in a year. YOU will decide that by going into the ACIO and taking the Barb test which will show you where YOU might be best placed in the Army. Don't think that you have to be Inf or a driver, the test may draw out qualities that you didn't know you have.
    The recruiting staff don't get any bonus for the numbers of people they get through the door. Sure they have targets to make but that only gives a representation on their workload/ability. There is nothing sinister about it. Go in, ask the questions you need to ask now.
    I have tried to give you some positive feedback however you say you have been on the dole for a long time and yet think it will take 12 months to get ready for a job. Not trying to kick you whilst you are down but it doesnt seem that you are the type for the organisation.
  15. The clue is in the title.......Army Careers Information Office.

    Pop down for a chat. They won't bite. They'll show you DVDs etc on possible job choices, they may even give you a free brew.
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