thinking about joining up BUT?

Do you still hear the 'voices'?


Depends in circs, how long ago, how long did you have it, what meds you were on, and how bad was it basically.
pompey23 said:
when i was younger im 24 now i suffered from depression im wondering if this will stop me joining up?
It all depends on how long ago, how long it lasted for, what if any medication did u take, did u self harm etc.. these are all factors which determine if you are to be deffered or can join or not...

Im sure there are a few in this forum who are in the same boat as you who can give a better answer, but as always the best thing to do is speak to your local careers office..
it was very mild depression and i was on 10mg (the lowest dose) i suffered from it as i had bad self-esteam issues but im all fine now and have been for a good few years i was on them for 18mnths, i would lioke to join up and there are 2 sqdrns within 15min of me


Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem - unless there is a straight nono if you have taken meds.
but, just make contact with those units and get the ball rolling. You will probably need a note from your doctor to say you are in the clear.
Get yourself along to your chosen unit and have a chat with your recruiting team there. AFAIK you have to be clear of all medication and symptons for 2 years. The recruiting team at your unit will be in a better position to inform you.

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