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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by matthewproud, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone I am wanting to join the TA but im unsure about my medical history holding me back. I have been on lansoprazole for about 7 years now, (im now 22) as i have oesophageal reflux. I dont really take my tablets any more as my diet is on top and can go without it. Would this stop my from joining up? I also have slight ibs, but doesnt stop me from doing anything different to someone without it.

    Would it be worth cancelling my repeat prescription to prove i dont need the med any more or will i be fine telling them the truth? As im guessing lying will get you found out...?

  2. I'm no expert mate, but I can tell you that my Cousin was (probably wrongly) diagnosed as being asthmatic as a child. He hasn't had an inhaler or any other treatment for years, but when he applied to join the RAF it was a big problem. The one thing he always dreamed of doing is could possibly be taken away from him because of something he told them at the recruiting office.

    If he was starting over again, he wouldn't tell them.
  3. Telling the truth is always the best option!

    The only person that can really tell you if you are ok to join is the Medical Officer who does your medical.

    Go for it!

    What have you got to lose?

    So what! You get a bit of heartburn!

    I seriously doubt that this will prevent you joining the TA.

    Every person is taken on an induvidual basis.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You should declare this at your medical.

    The Doc will take the decision for you.

  5. Ignore the person telling you to make a false attestation,which just happens to be an offence. It might 'just' be the TA but the same rules apply. Imagine you're deployed or on exercise and your IBS does kick off, you end up having to go to the med centre or see a Dr in Army time and it comes out that you lied. Not only is it bye bye time it is bye bye with a not exemplary discharge.
    If you can get your Dr to confirm that you have been medication and symptom free for the required amount of time then go down that route.

    I see the one advising lying removed their post before I hit the send button.
  6. Isn't that just a fancy name for heartburn?.. If it effects your breathing and you have been on medication I'd think you would be a p8(unfit to serve).
  7. thanks lads honestly it is then :D!
  8. I know this is an old thread but I was sent home from my army selection at the week end.
    Medically deferred for 12 months due to having symptoms of heart burn and being prescribed lansoprazole's.
  9. from JSP 950

  10. I appreciate the rules are obviously in black and white and I will come under the grade P8 as I have obviously been prescribed lansoprazole from my GP but do I have any grounds to appeal to try get the the deferral to a lower time frame ? I understand every case is different, I'm just curious to know what the possibilies of having the deferral time reduced.
  11. On what grounds will you be asking for that? I'm not taking the piss (which I appreciate is unusual for me) but what additional information will you be using in your appeal?
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  12. Just to give you a little insight to my situation I'll give you a brief description of events.
    I applied for the army reserves via the MOD website which took some time as I had to wait on prior service checks being done etc, once these were done I was given forms to take to my GP for him to fill in regarding my health etc. Everything was checked and seemed in order so I then went on to have an interview with the battalion I was joining which went great. Then I was booked onto a 2 day selection course at glencorse barracks. I trained hard for this getting my run in under 9:40 etc so thought it would be a breeze.
    On the Friday night (first night) we were given a fair few forms to be filled in, one form being a health questionnaire. One of the the questions was asking if I was taking any prescription drugs so I was honest and wrote lansoprazoles down on the form. These are heartburn tablets which I take occasionally as certain foods can trigger heartburn however, with one of these tablets I can eat what the hell I want when I want so they're a no brainer (so I thought).
    I was honest with the question for 2 reasons;
    Firstly, I didn't want to trip myself up in the medical and Secondly, I thought what possible effect would heart burn tablets have what so ever to my selection process.
    Anyway, the following day we had our medicals, once I went through the whole process I passed as they're was nothing on my GP's notes about heartburn or lansoprazoles however once she went through the questionnaire I filled out she noticed I'd wrote the tablets down. Due to this a few questions were asked and I was medically deferred for 12 months. I couldn't believe what just happened, I was absolutely gutted.
    In a nut shell, a few years back I was getting heartburn quite regularly so I seemed advice from my GP. I was given a course of these magic tablets lansoprazoles and I was tested for helicobactor and the tests came back negative. After one course of those I tablets I was free from heartburn.
    As I said earlier, certain foods can still trigger heartburn just as it will with the other 2/3rds of the world population, so I will occasionally take these so I can eat / drink whatever I want.
    I've booked an appointment with my GP in order to get a letter written on my behalf in regards to my appeal as I'm sure he will confirm that I am fit and physically able to carry out phase one training. I also believe I am clear of any allergys. I have zero days absent from work due to heartburn and my job requires me to have a high level of fitness as I am an overhead linesman, an electrical engineer doing heavy manual work on the overhead power lines, my job is not effected by heartburn.
    I train 6 days per week and my fitness is not effected by heartburn.
    I have had several boxing fights in the last year alone and none of my fights have effected me with symptoms of heartburn.
    I feel I am physically fit and healthy to fit into army life as well as the battle field.
    I am hoping to get my appeal on the way forward and obviously hoping to get my application in process as normal in order to get onto selection ASAP so I can start the cadre as planned in May.
  13. Just shows what running to the doctor with insignificant seeming things does. I'd avoid spicy and fatty foods personally.
    Rules are rules I'm afraid.
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  14. So in answer to my question, "nothing"..

    Good luck
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  15. I was thinking someone could advise me in any way of the reducing the time frame.

    Obviously not.

    Rules are Rules