Thinking about joining the army

So I don't know how I should start this anyway.
I'm 15 going on 16 in a near enough a month and I'm considering joining the British army. I have a few questions which I hope can be answered by people who have more knowledge of the armed forces than what they put on the site. 1. Are the requirements for welbleck set in stone or are they flexible depending on if your committed or not. 2. What courses do they do at Afc harrogate (I'm asking this so I have options instead of welbleck). 3. Do they take into account your regimental preference when applying for a role or they just put you where you're needed I. E apply to the infantry and plan to join the Irish Guards and instead get sent to the Paras. Thanks to all of ye for reading and hopefully giving an answer.
AFC Harrogate is the way forward for School leavers, you are eased into military life and are put under zero pressure to cap badge, however, having an idea of who you want to join is important as it’s going to define who you are.

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