Thinking about joining the AAC.... need a bit of help :)

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by BennnY, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. After failing to gain a C grade in Maths for the RAF, and thus failing to get on the course for the Mechanical Engineer. I have now decided that the AAC looks like its for me, it has everything I want...

    I'm still not 100% sure though. The army careers website suggests I should have a good level of Education. I believe I have; 10 GCSE's 6 A-C's but not a C in maths. Does this still count or will I be haunted forever by this bloody C grade?

    I'm going to arrange to have a chat with the AFCO next week and see if I can't sort out a placement. Does anyone know what they're like at the moment? I really want to get my hands on a career now. I'm 19 and just about had enough of wasting 2 years of my life trying to get a GCSE and would like to get into a trade I want to do ASAP.

    Also, the army website doesn't give all that much info on the actual specific life of an AAC member, so i'm wondering what the life is like? what the boys are like and whether I'll like it, from the RAF?

    Cheers me dears :D
  2. You could always re-take your maths GCSE and reapply to the RAF, although at the moment I'm not sure what the recruiting is going to be like with so many being made redundant in certain trades at the mo.

    Maths GCSE can be taken as a one week intensive course with the exam on Saturday in many Adult Education Centres.
  3. I have still got the Re-sit next month.

    Its that all the job losses, the trauma of waiting to get in even if I get the grade and the fact that even if I do get the grade I may not get the job.

    Its all mounting up and what if the job isn't what I want? its 2 years down the drain for nothing.

    I will re-sit the exam and hopefully get the C grade, but for now, I'm just wondering what the AAC is like.

    Cheers for your help mate. :)
  4. It's just like the airforce but with more guard duties, a better uniform and a girls hat :bow:
  5. Basically, you'll become a man if you join the AAC. Better that than a mincer crab in a shite grey suit.

    There's a bit more to it than that, but I'm too macho to bother with details.
  6. It could be argued that if you are thinking of joining the AAC you do need help.

    Note I only said "it could be argued" ... :D
  7. One of the things you cant be is a mechanical engineer. We have REME technicians whom do maintenance on our Aircraft and Vehicles.

    AAC Groundcrew are trained as Groundies, Signallers, Refuellers etc as well as Door Gunners.

    Have a look at the AAC Website
  8. Go to college, get A levels, go to uni, i joined AAC with a bag full of CSEs became a bowser mong, went to uni after i left the Army. i wish i went to uni before joining up, more choice in life if you have a degree behind you.

    Most Ex Corps members have go through the further education route after leaving.

    Dont joint the crabs mate, yes they have some cracking birds who love shagging AAC.

    Good luck mate
  9. Another question, say your 4 years are up and you fancy doing something else within the army, is it possible?

    Like, say I had enough of the AAC and fancied the REME? Or would they tell me to do one?

    I know the RAF are like a clenched ******** when it comes to moving about, is the Army the same?
  10. Benny, you would have to transfer which isn't guaranteed and can take a very long time.

    If your that keen then get down to the careers office and ask them all your questions, you'll get the answers a lot quicker than on here.
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