Thinking about joining RMP TA? Which units or sub-units close to Cardiff?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by stealthRMPTA, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Hi.. I had my interview today at the AFCO in Cardiff, and I think it went well.

    I am gathering as much info as possible but I haven't found, so far the whereabouts of RMP units and eventually sub-units and detachments near Cardiff.

    as I said I live in Cardiff so I would like to find an RMP installations close as possible. Today they told me about Telford, and previously Hereford... does anyone know more?
  2. RMP and TA (reserve Army) have you no respect
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  3. I'm 34 already....I would join the regulars if I could:)
  4. But why Monkeys?
  5. The allure of the single white stripe is overpowering.
  6. why "monkeys"? because I believe in discipline and law...
  7. Back to the original question then, why the Monkeys? No discipline and no understanding or respect for the law. I would rather join RAF Regt!
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  8. Your investigative skills are probably just what they're looking for then .
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  9. I believe that there are certain places that will accommodate you for a fee.
  10. geezz, why such animosity against the red caps? they have a role to perform, that's all, just like the civilian police (although they look more like social workers in my opinion) and I admire and understand the need of both.... but I guess I'm not a chav without qualifications at all, maybe that's why...

    about the investigative skills, well, I know what is on the army website for a long time now, I just wonder if there's smaller units or detachments that are not present there...

    about the RAF regiment... for quite some time it was my first choice especially because the age limit, I could join them (regulars) until 36 years of age....only recently I changed my mind....

    anyway, thank for all the answers, useful or not....
  11. Changed your mind? you get a Cpl with them tossers