Thinking About Joining As EHT - Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by pongo?crab?, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. I am thinking about joining up as an EHT and you may guess by the useername I am undecided as to which of the 2 services to join. I have spoken to an EHT at my nearest RAF unit and got his opinion. I am now after the serving Army line on the pro's and Con's not just the recruiters idea of what I probably want to hear. I am pretty much decided on the branch it is just a case of deciding which service.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated e.g. promotion times, education, Ops etc I have the fairly blunt view of the RAF guy on both the RAF and his idea of the Army, just after a balanced arguement to base my decision on.

  2. It depends on what you are into basically. traditionaly, RAF like to focus on the Occ Hygiene and Army on the nitty gritty basic field hygiene stuff, although that is changing as RAF techs get more involved in the Op deployments. If your idea of an Op deployment is to sit at an airfield and do the base rat stuff, then join the RAF (although you will do a bit of that in the Army). If you like the idea of mixing it with the troops although from a REMFY perspective, then join the Army. You will also get your fair share of overseas exercises to all parts of the world with the Army, whereas the same opportunities are very limited with the RAF. The Training is joint Army/RAF so its all down to your own perspective

    PM me if you need any specific advice
  3. Join the Army.......

    The opportunities for promotiom in the long term are much better, chicks dig the uniform and the rest of the Armed Forces will not assume your a W@nker!
  4. What sort of things would i do as a junior in a team as the RAF guy seemed to have quite a lot of responsibility and was pretty much his own boss. He also mentioned that juniors in the RAF are covering Ops as the Army dont have enough to fill them.

    RAF has time promotion what about my promotion prospects in the Army? the RAf guy said that the Army get promoted very quickly compared to them.
  5. I know this wont come as a great suprise to you but the RAF guy said a similar thing only that the rest of the armed forces would think i was a bit simple if i joined the Army.....
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Your RAF contact sounds like an absolute tosser and the fact that he has to rely on slating another Service to put some gloss on his own speaks volumes. Want to end up like him? Crack on! Interestingly, we (the RAMC) have more officers and soldiers wishing to transfer from the RAF than vice-versa. Does that tell you enough?

    On reflection, it probably tells you bugger all but as your RAF windbag has given me the spleen, I thought I would just have a little mini-rant.

    (I'll bet he's got chippy creases sewn into his CS 95 uniform as well).
  7. To be fair to the RAF a guy he did say 2 SNCO's had recently transfered to Army from the trade as there were no suitable candidates from within the Army.

    He wasnt Army bashing all the time and did say quite a lot of positives for the Army, one being promotion being faster, any truth in that???
  8. When i finished the phase 2 training how would i be treated at a team if posted to one. The RAF lad i spent the day with said your junior people are not trusted to do much and so dont gain experience very quickly compared to the EHT's in the RAF (working alone) and that because of this they get more experience quicker rank for rank.

    I am currently working for the Env Agency and work by myself managing my workload/appointments etc and would want to try to have a role which could give the same sort of responsibility for my own sanity. I realise as a private soldier this would be unlikely but does being part of a more specialist trade help with this?? Also are there any more specialist areas of Env Health as I am an Env Scientist (grand title + bad Pay) or does everyone just cover all aspects?

    Once again any help is appreciated.
  9. Ive got to have a moan here - dont believe what youre told if its not come from the horse's ARRSE. :tp: There are junior army techs who are crying out for tours but arent getting 'em cos the raf seem to want to prove they have a warry side.

    If this is a wind up, its worked. I'll just take the hook from my mouth. :pissedoff:
  10. I've served as an Army tech for more years than I can remember (mind you, I do have a very short memory).

    As a junior tech I went to Belize, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain to name just a few places. how does that compare to being sat at the end of a runway with your clipboardin your hand? 8O

    obviously when I was fresh from training I wasn't allowed to run wild, but I was allowed to work unsupervised for much of the time, and this including inspections and visits to all manner of units.

    I see working on your own (RAF style) as a big disadvantage - as a junior tech we Army types gain lots of experience from the older and more experienced people we work with.

    Yes, we had two of your FSgts transfer (Commission) across to the Army, but theat was because they were both in stalemate positions with very little prospects of promotion in the RAF. They've both made a smooth transition (even the ginger haired geordie bloke) and I don't think they regret it on bit.

    If you want to work on your own, not go anywhere exciting and don't have any real ambitions for promotion, then become an RAF tech. If you want to work in a team, learn constantly and get your knees brown, then join the Army.

    As for the Army techs being thick, just bear in mind that the Army and RAF techs train together on the same course, and the RAF came to us, not us to them. I believe a higher proportion of RAF students failed the course / were sacked, than Army students!

    Enough said?
  11. Whats the betting the RAF tech that spoke to this guy is a Warrant Officer, has a big boufon style haircut, and doesnt buy a round at the bar?
  12. I've just realised - at last we EH people now have a new thread - we can once again ignore the original queston and go off on a complete tangent!

    Well done Pongo? Crab?
  13. That's what I meant - that last thread (now 23 pages I think) rapidly lost the plot - no doubt this one will. Mind you, at least we now have a legitimate reason to slag off the RAF!!
  14. You need a legitimate reason to slag the RAF???