Thinking about joining as a nurse

I would think about posting in this forum to gather some opinion from the shop floor:

Also, consider whether you want to work in a hospital (you will spend time in the NHS but mostly in specific Military Wings) or more in the field. If in the field, then you might want to consider going down the Combat Medical Technician route (RAMC).

I would give these guys a call:

QARANC Recruiting Team
Tel: 01276 41 2742 or 01276 41 2741
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It all depends whether youve already done your nursing qualification, are coming near the end to qualify or will be joining as a student nurse.

If the latter then you will go through the normal application process, ADSC etc, but you will then go to a two day selection (NOT ADSC) with QARANC (the internet is full of useful info if you dont know what QA is).

Once you have been succesful in your job applocation, you will complete basic training (13 weeks) and then either gain entry to birmingham city university (September and April intakes) or wait to start university.

You will need to make sure you meet the entry criteria for a degree in nursing at birmingham city university, whether that be mental health or adult health Bsc.

Once you have qualified, you will then be posted to a MDHU to complete a training programme for newly qualified nurses (do your research on where they are.... it will come up at intervew).

If you are due to qualify or have qualified, you will go to a one day selection board following ADSC (these are 3 or 4 times a year I believe).

My CSM has told me I'll be going on an insight course - the only issues that came out of my interview 1 was confidence due to nerves and fitness which I asked for time to work on more.

If youre not offered one its worthwhile asking to go on one.

If you intend to join as a student nurse I recommend you put another 2 x job choices so you have 3 trades, incase you dont get your 1st and only choice.

You might want to consider CMT (combat med tech) which is more of a combat / armed role.

Have a look on the army role finder. Ive given you as much info as I know at least.

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