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I am currently a Special Constable and thinking seriously about joining the RMP. Can you give me a quick outline of the duties from an operational point of view, and do they differ much from civvie police. For example do you still get your domestics etc?

Also, what about the PPE, do RMP's carry anything?


p.s. I know folk'll say don't do it and they're hated. But so are Specials so I'm used to it.
As far as I know in short:

Yes they have the same powers as Civ Pol (except in the UK e.g they are not armed and Civ Pol take primacy on murders and rapes). Otherwise they have the same powers as Civ Pol plus a tad more when serving Overseas on non "operational" tours -They are armed.

Their roles vary they have their equivalent of CID (hated by all including their RMP Colleagues as they have to do the equivalent of IIB enquiries). SOCO's, Computer Forensic Analyst's, UC Teams and so on.

Uniformed apart from doing General Police Duties provide the SIB with UC assets, they have Specialist's in CP.They also have elements that deploy with the Para's not only to Police them, but to do their Role.

As for domestics they are dealt with outside the UK and within Base's on UK Soil although Civ Pol may get involved.
RMP deal with all offences that are covered by UK Law from the theft of a battery to murder!

The Army being as it is ie Overstretched, overworked and underpayed you will find yourself as with everyone else serving away from home on Operational tour ALOT.

Bottom line is they are Police and soldiers! *hands over ears* to others that respond Im not listening to the not soldiers bit I know the drill!

P.S Each bit of the RMP also have their fair share of advanced Drivers ie TRAFFIC :twisted: (and others) :wink:

And I know I have left a lot out, but I was keeping it short and sweet.

No offence intended to people serving in other Roles, I was unsure how much to disclose! :D

As for AGC *spit*

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