thinking about emigrating

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ad55, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. what is the story about emigrating?

    originally I was thinking about getting sponsored bya Police force but they seem to have stopped this practise now. And getting a permanent residence visa is about as easy as sass selection. So can anyone give me any advice?
  2. Perhaps if you said where you want to emigrate to?
  3. Ontario or Alberta seems like the places to go
  4. Can you play Ice Hockey?
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  5. ad55...

    You're not thinking of coming here are you?
  6. No sparky, THERE Scottish accent has morphed in to the pleasant tones of

    Not "Och eye the Gnus"
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  7. Although, strangely enough, I am told the Canadiands do have Gnu's, that they call Moose (Not to be confused with a Scottish Mouse which is MUCH smaller and less likely to kill you in a crash)
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  8. what the **** are you all drinking? haha
    im a Jock, wanting to move to Canada
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  9. H3

    H3 LE

    Immigrate to Canada

    Start with the above Canadian Gov link .... Do you have something to offer them is your first question to yourself as no doubt they'll be asking you the same question .

    What can you do there and where .... I'd suggest your research as much as possible in your chosen field of work and the living standards it could give you .

    Make contact with future employers over there.

    Make a plan of when it would feel right to make the move and chat with the family about it , if your single well it's more simple obviously .

    Lastly search Expat forum for more hints !
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  10. Misread the post and thought it was about "ejaculating"..........................oysters help!
  11. Sorry we took in a jock last week and that's our quota for the decade. Now if you were an unskilled single mother with 10 squalling brats and a drug addicition, or a wanted war criminal....

    Seriously PM for details on Ontario I'll see what i can dig up.
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  12. Lots of useful info on here too

    Canada Immigration Forum - Index

    Be prepared for it to cost you several thousand pounds and about 2 years to make it happen though
  13. A few questions.

    A) have you been a police officer before?

    B) if you're married, does your spouse have a profession?

    C) which province?

    D) just policing?

    I moved out to Alberta in 2009. PM me if you need anything and I'll give you the warts and all heads up.
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  14. Do YOU play Ice Hockey now then too?
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  15. A) never been an officer before

    B) single

    C) thinking Alberta or Ontario

    D) open to sensible suggestions, I don't have much of an education