Thinking about buying a softie jacket?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I've been thinking about buying a softie type jacket, and was wondering about a couple of things.

    First of all, what's the issue version like in comparison to the commercial versions?

    How much space do they really take up? I've heard that you can fit them into a PLCE utility pouch, is that true? If true, is it like trying to fasten your poncho roll with full nbc kit inside was? Or does it fit easily?

    As to the commercial copies, I've seen quite a few different makes, any I should avoid?

  2. TT,
    I have the 'Montane extreme'.

    Really very good, very warm and - importantly- water proof. I squeeze it in to a small canoe bag which stays either in my daysack or in the front pocket of the jacket when im wearing it. Would advice anyone to get it as it very warm, very water proof and (relative to its competitors) very cheap.

    Dont just take my word for it though

    "The definitive single layer, soft-shell, high specification lightweight mountain top. The Extreme is a base-layer, mid-layer and outer layer combined. For optimum lightweight comfort and performance it should be worn against the skin or over a fast wicking technical layer. This is a clothing system for the really active user who wants to minimise the stop-start routine associated with adjusting a traditional layered clothing system. Through sophisticated venting and construction details, the Extreme smock offers comfortable use across a much wider range of temperatures than competitive products of this type. It is ideally suited to all high activity outdoor sports in extreme cold conditions"
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I've got a highlander softee jackety thing. Seems that a lot of jackets come in a similar mode, much like that of the issue one.

    Mine cost £30 from a market, but I hear good things about buffallos - they're a bit pricey though.
  4. If going on Telic or Herrick, they should be issued.
  5. I've had a Softie, a Montane & a Buffalo.

    Softie - fits into PLCE pouch. Nice & warm, but not much use as a standalone jacket, isn't weatherproof

    Montane - Very warm, very weatherproof, very bulky. Too warm.

    Buffalo - gleaming. Small enough for PLCE pouch, warm as a big warm thing when static, and a brilliant standalone jacket.
  6. I had a buffalo for years, no problems with it whatsoever, mutts nutts piece of kit. Used it on Telic in the winter, Afghan and all over the UK and Germany, worth the extra dosh.
  7. i have a montane,

    i think its great, its warm and weather proof. a little bulky, it has reinforced elbows so might last a bit longer!
  8. I have a Montane and Buffalo, Montane wins hands down for warmth etc and plus it comes with the hood as well for the price and is cheaper than the buffalo I got mines in Keswick for £70 :cyclopsani:
  9. Isue one is fine because ets damaged the nice man in the QM's will give you another one for free. If for use outside of work then go for the layer effect base level, fleece, waterproof layer rather than one big thick layer. If you get too hot wearing a softie and take it off you will only have a thin top on underneath so its all or nothing!

    I used an issue oone in Norway and in Afghanistan and had no problems with them whatsoever!
  10. May or may not be relevant, but having seen an un-issued softie through Nvg's it looks like your wearing a cyalume jacket.If your going to be somewhere where you don't want to be seen that much, at least the issue one should be IRR (I hope). Just a thought...
  11. I have one of THESE.

    Cracking bit of kit. REALLY warm. Half the time I have the side vents unzipped so as not to overheat.

    Reasonably priced too.
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Good call Mr C. JB will probably give a further squaddie discount if you ask to speak to John Gaines and sweet talk him or order a few things.
  13. I love my Buffalo. I'm sorry to say that I actually had a dream about it last night. I think I just needed to tell someone that. Thanks.
  14. Saw an new issue softie in a surplus shop. Picked it up, tried to unzip it and the zip came off in my hand! Put it back on the rail.

    I'll stick to the issue OG fleece then...