Think you look ally! You actually look like a chopper.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by GLESGA-NED, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Here's the script. The British Soldier loves the accessories and loves the ally non-issue kit look. Anything that can make them look different from the next bod.
    However, there has got to be loads of stuff that ARRSE members have bought with pukker hard earned dosh or robbed in the name of allyness that has made them look shite (even if nobody else has seen it!!).

    My most recent purchase was two "Under Armour" tops from the PX for the winter. What a Fcking dick I look in them. Even my young daughter was going to slap me. Dwain The ROCK Johnson might look good in them. But I would err on the side of caution if you aren't toned to fcuk like most of us (or maybe it's just me).
  2. Under Armour Tops look the shizzle with a T-Shirt over the top of them.
  3. Yes, they aren't ment to be worn on their own, but do make a good corset when worn under summat else! :D

    Trying to wear the issued dessert assault vest over osprey - you look stupid AND it doesn't work!

  4. I must concur wuth you, I bought four last year, home now and they are still in the bottom of my bag.
    What was I thinking? :oops:

    Reckon that Emporor Mong bloke had his hand in that. :wink:
  5. I bought a leg mount holster on ebay - it is shit, looks like shit and not well made.
    I now have a blackhawk one - the mutts nuts but I rarely use that either as I find for everyday REMFing, a Belt holster is far more comfortable.
    Now my belt holster is an Uncle Mikes kydex one and its perfect. looks good and works well.
  6. I'm pretty sure the "under armour" tops are intended for wear under American football "armour" not body armour. If you look at their website that's what they suggest. It actually says "not suitable for combat" or words to that effect on account of it melting.
  7. I have a couple of under armour tops I bought in the sand pit and I look facking ridiculous in them think 2 lb of spuds in a 1lb bag :oops:
  8. Under armour is very popular with the yank forces. Yes it will melt but then so will your issued "wicking" T shirts.

    Personally I thinjk the UA stuff is massively overpriced compared to the US Army issued (and purchasable from the PX clothing store) sand coloured T shirts that work out at couple of dollars each.
  9. Wear ém under your Sqn T-shirt. Ally as fcuk.
  10. I'd look like Bob Fossil!

  11. old school ventile smock waterproof very ally
    unfortunatly went a sort of stone wash dpm look not ally
  12. Me in my younger days on Salisbury Plain,

    SAS Smock,
    Russian Army fur hat,
    '58 webbing.


    I fcuking think not!
  13. Saw a reme bloke in batus cutting about with one, plus his batus crap 'tash, which was walrus-like near the end. :D

    However, he DID looked ally as fook!
  14. At the moment our boys are off to play in the big sand pit that is Afghan. Most have been out and spent up to £500 on Ally kit. A good hand full won't even leave Basiton so I don't see the point.

    £220 - Blackhawk daysack
    £95 - Manbag
    £70 - Holster
    £100 - Mollie pouches

    Watching everyone take the piss in the NAAFI - Priceless!

    Its like a f*cking Combat Catwalk at the moment.

  15. Class!!!!!

    ODP you get my LMFAO of the day... 8)