Think you guys will appreciate the humour in this..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nightrained, Mar 26, 2009.

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    SPOTTY teenager Sam Cummings has been nicknamed Craphead Slaphead because his acne spells out the word A-R-S-E.
    The unfortunate 16-year-old, from Berkshire, says he has suffered from the spotty skin condition for years and has always had to put up with remarks about his blemishes from
    cruel classmates.
    But things took a turn for the worse for the Titherton Secondary schoolboy when he woke up one morning this week and found his out of control zits had merged - and formed the word arse.
    He said: “I’ve always had bad skin and didn’t think things could get any worse, but obviously I was wrong.
    “I was horrified when I walked into the bathroom the other day and looked in the mirror.
    “I literally did a double-take when I noticed my spots formed a-r-s-e and I tried everything to get them off.”
    But sadly for Sam, his attempts to squeeze his spots into submission and cover them in his mum’s concealer were in vain.
    He added: “The kids at school have been ripping the piss out of me. It’s been hell and I can’t do anything about it.
    “The keep calling me ‘Craphead Slaphead’ and shouting things when they see me in the corridor.
    “The other day some of the bigger lads dragged me into the toilet and tried to flush my head down the shitter because they said that’s where an arse belongs.
    “It’s really crap - and the fact that I’ll just have to wait for them to heal is a real bum deal.”
  2. The 'sexual boasting' story was nicked from Viz.
  3. Of course it's true it's the sport after'll be telling me Piers Morgan makes up stories next
  4. And I thought they couldnt top the "sex for chocolate buttons" story....

    Im sure I wont be first to call bullshit on this one :p
  5. At least it didn't spell 'Allah'
  6. Stone him... oh, sorry, I thought you said Jehovah...