Think you can ride a bike?

Just how do you practice for that type of insanity?
F'kin maniac, but great stunt.
Fook me!!

Going up it was impressive enough but back down that guy has some balls of steal!


vvaannmmaann said:
Do we have any stats? ie how tall is the building?
"Robbie Maddison, who has taken over the informal motorcycle jumping crown that Evel Knievel once held, leaped a world-record 322 feet, seven inches in Las Vegas on New Years Eve.

The feat, obliterating the previous Guinness World Record of 277 feet by Trigger Gumm, drew rave reviews in motoring circles"

That's a pair of cahonas and no mistake!
I was certain that he was going to fuck up - this is the NAAFI bar, after all. I came here to be disgusted, not awed and impressed :twisted:
Jaaisus verhukkin' Kerroist! The man's a fückin' maniac!

In a similar vein...


Freestyle motocross riderTravis Pastrana pulls a double backflip at X-Games 12.

Bloody lunacy, I tell you.

Did anyone else hold their breath?
'Kinell, watchin him jump back down made me feel physically sick!

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