Think twice before leaving the Army!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 10, 2008.

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  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    its right you know, a down turn is on the way and salaries will be capped, recruitment put on hold and investment stopped. Its already happening and the suppliers will feel the pinch all the way down the line. Unless you are finishing 22 years i'd consider stopping in longer!
  3. THe grass is not always that green!
  4. Yet my company is having difficulty recruiting people.
  5. Damn right,only 7 weeks and im redundant, factory off to Poland, they had a new one purpose built, and its producing less tan a quarter of what we did, they have already had to raise the wages so the Poles stay and dont feck off over here.

    Not only that but Phillips have built basically a town for their factory so,the poles are fecking off there.

    Boycott Colgate-Palmolive the Twatttss
  6. We have had a topic like this before. As someone said 'the grass is not always greener', or words to that effect.

    Be CERTAIN that you have a JOB and a HOME to go to before quitting.

    The financial state of this country (GB) is parlous and much worse is yet to come. The irresponsible actions of Brown over ten years has done irreparable damage to the economy. His 'poodle' - 'Captain Darling' - will do nothing to help and will most likely make matters worse.

    So-called 'New' Labour have destroyed practically every element of our nation except, praise be to God, the Monarchy and the City of London.

    The City is now under serious threat in measures that are being driven by the hopeless government's efforts to keep the Left in line. When the City is sunk, then we may all be certain that the Monarchy will the next target!

    I am not joking.
  7. Now you tell me....
  8. Lets see if they have kept those jobs vacancies open in a couple of months.
  9. It has been a few years so far. We are short of people to maintain the railway. Damned if I can understand why given the high rate of pay.

    People the army consider to be good workers would fill the aims of what we require.
  10. Are you doing the recruiting yourself or has it been outsourced to a recruitment company that only puts forward those who tick all the boxes. The majority of these companies only seem to employ graduates who have no experience of real jobs and seem to only last a few months before disappearing, maybe thats because they cherry pick decent jobs and only put themselves forward.
  11. What kind of jobs on the railway? Need any electricians :D
  12. No!. Recruitment is finally down to our HR department who seem to do everything in thier power to fail to recruit people.

    Example. Someone gets interviewed and offered a job. It then takes months for the HR department to send a job offer/contract. By this time they have been done got another job.

    EDIT to add: If was doing the recruiting I would have the contract in place before doing the interview. I could then hand my chosen few a contract imediately.
  13. Its not railtrack is it? applied to them months before i was made redundant but never heard a squeak from them (maybe its because i haven't got a degree) :D
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    NR as an employer are pants, been there done that, I'd rather have railtrack back, at least you didnt get all the Q12 and Yankisms, world class company my arrsse, want to be the best when you are a monopoly?
    Bunch of cnutscnutscuntsscuntscuntscnits.
    HR are basically a bunch of Know nothings scared of their own shadows.
  15. HR are shite,in our 90 days notice,and they still try to stop people leaving for other jobs, we need you they say,well yea if you needed us,you wouldnt be fecking going to Poland.