Think The Unthinkable; The MOD account.

I usually post up links for 'Any Questions', but this 6:30 on Wednesday comedy series, starring Marcus Brigstocke has just kicked off again, and the management consultants have the task of bigging up the Eurotank (or Eurowank). Two words: wheelchair access.

Also Owen, computer programmer and sex pest:

'Game on. Where's my joystick... Now, let's over-ride the restraining device on the cannon...'

'You can fire the main gun?'

'All the software's on the web. You just need to know where to look... now, 'do you want to fire the main gun?' Yes {tap]. 'Are you sure?' Yes [tap]. [BANG] Now, one across the bows, I think. All those years playing Doom finally payed off...[BANG]]Listen Again[/url], but only 'til Wednesday's new broadcast.
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