think the duke lad is a triffel miffd at our antics

isnt comments on here just for a laugh or do certain people take it way over board?

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it all started as a laugh, for getting on your nerves and using text speak (that you dont understand) and incorrect gramma, mr pegasus then i'm sorry. had a word with the lads involved they all voted to behave and have a whip round for some more toys and a new dummy for you we will endeavour to find maroon coloured ones for you.

this is mr z signing off, resigning my user id forever, dont shed a tear for me argentina for i will always love you

thanks for having me
Any links to any threads to explain, otherwise it may look like you are a winging little scroat!
No balls.

But enough of my problems.
I see a pattern with those threads.....

Shite grammar and spelling. If you type like a mong, expeect to be treated like one.


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Triffel Miffd

Sounds like a nautical term

The halward spar was triffel miffd smartly.

So Ziegheil has left us - shame, I didn't notice his arrival. This begs the question if a cnut gobs off in a forest and no one hears him, is he still a cnut?


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shozzer, flubber, I'll git m fecking coa ... bleeeuuurrrgghhhhh . . splish.
Hopefully he IS suffering from the big C, as in Cancer, Cancer of the bowels.
STAB2ARABConverter said:
Hopefully he IS suffering from the big C, as in Cancer, Cancer of the bowels.
That's really nasty.

Though not nasty enough.
I apologise, may his children be raped by large men of african extraction whilst he has his penis circumcised via a welding torch.

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