Think someones stolen RLC TA HQ

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rapido, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Ok. I have phoned Grantham every day several times for 3 weeks regarding recruiting. No one has ever answered the phone and although I have left messages no one has got back to me. I think someone has stolen the HQ.
    Im also getting pissed off at said TA HQ and I now have a personal mission to keep calling until I get an answer. I DO have the correct number ! Bloody buggers.
  2. But are you punching it into the phone correctly :p
  3. Perhaps it's been sold off to pay for our few remaining MTD's ?
  4. The RLC have a very unique 'phone number now. It can only be achieved the way a perfect RLC recruit can input the number you have been given on an average keypad.

    It's all due to cuts - If you manage to get through to the proper number, you are in.

    Basically, your fingers are too thin at the moment. Try again later.
  5. I would open the phone book and look up your local unit. More MTDS and more chance to go on tour.
  6. Do they have caller ID and know what you are upto ?
  7. Ring on a drill night.....

  8. Try contacting one close to where you live

    Or try this number:
    "I DO have the correct number"
    Well since you did not share your number I do not know IF this one is it?

    Telephone: 0800 587 6585

    or e-mail:

    or write to

    Recruiting Centre HQ RLC TA

    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks


    Lincs NG31 7TJ
  9. I don't think RLC TA HQ have drill nights as they are "National TA". The Cottam Report did recommend the abandonment of that term but even so a TA soldier living in the Orkneys would find attendance at drill nights in Grantham an unreasonable commitment.
  10. Do you have the right number?

    Civ: 0800 5876585
  11. if i had a local TA I would go along but I live in a really remote area which would involve a 120 mile round trip to a TA centre with a ferry crossing involved. I just posted the thread as i expect more from a national unit. I know its the right number as i have left messages and if they arent recruiting at least someone could tell me and show some professionalism. Too much to ask?
  12. Just phoned them and they picked up at the first ring.
  13. Bollox. Cos I just tried 2.
    Or maybe my hillbilly phone system doesnt reach that far.
  14. You are trying to ring them using a phone right? Pressing the numbers on the tv remote won't get you very far. :frustrated:
  15. Speak to your PSAO or PSI (with apologies to msr).