Think someones being an arrse - Mods please

LB - bl00dy well done that man!

I'll whip through and clear it all out if you'd like to follow up and 'revert' everything?

Abacus - don't just stand there.... :D

Anything with a '79' has been cleaned by me...
PM me with more info please.

That IP and another one has been blocked in the interim.

See here
I'veg one through the posting list by ....247 and reverted them all to their last non spammed versions. I haven't bothered with the blank "talk" entries as most of them don't have history to revert to.
Found another 2 by checking all posts from To quote Thomas Jefferson, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
(diff) (hist) . . N ! Female soldiers; 08:53 . . (Talk)
(diff) (hist) . . N ! 5 RMP; 20:53 . . (Talk)

Not exactly compulsive reading is it

Have blocked this user in the Wiki to solicit a response from them.

Am also watching the page now to ensure that Trollery does not occur.
Can it not be made in the wiki that you have to enter your ID in? There are some idiots on there posting idiotic sh1te and not being brave enough to put a name in. How many times a week does a mod usually have to erase cr@p off of there?

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