Think outside the box.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Should xmas boxes to Iraq have festive wrapping paper on them?
  2. That is a paradigm
  3. was that you Google keyword for today?
  4. Not sure how to do that, can you enlighten me perhaps!
  5. Festive paper denoting the birth of jesus, 3 wise men standing over the Crib, big star over head. the usual shi'ite paper you use to wrap the in-laws pressie with.

    The stamps should also be religious. maybe just a portrait of a cross...

  6. Jesus was Jewish (despite having a Mexican name).

    How about a Star of David? :twisted:
  7. oooh..good one chinggis. That will be an eye opener :D
  8. i still don't understand why jews don't celebrate christmas.

    is it just because they are too tight to buy presents? :twisted:
  9. Are we allowed to call them "Christmas Boxes", after all under Generallisimo B. Liar (and her wife Tony) isn't making references to anything other than non Christian Festivals illegal/discriminatory/anti-muliticulturalist? or something?

    Shouldn't they be free non denominational mid winter festival gift containers?
  10. If you want to be politically correct and follow B'LIar and her husband...

    otherwise, feck off TCB. I'll call it what I like

    makes you wonder though. Here he is trying to impose the muslim faith on the UK....and christianity on Iraq...

  11. CR - I know you said wrap the box but inside as well as outside ?????
  12. ..that way you can reverse it in case of erm....wanting to reverse it?