think I've found a billy bullshitter/walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 41fm77, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. O wise folk of the naafi your help is needed

    ive just started a new job in wolverhampton and last week when I started at this place the MD said oh weve got an ex soldier working here already ill send you out with him to learn the job
    and for the past 3 days have been subjected to an inane amount of someone bigging themselves up

    so since then I've had to endure epic tales of his time in the mob ,ranging from he joined the RHA, then transfered to the para's just in time for the falklands in 82 ( this is where my billy bullshitter/walt senses kick in as hes only a year older than me and I joined up in 86 aged 17) to he was an instructor at Sandhurst after the first gulf war,

    so fellow arrsers do Ijust come straight out with calling him a lying fooker or let him set himself up for something better
  2. How about asking him, what date he joined and if he says pre 82, tell him how old he must have been!
  3. He s a year older than you, so 41 yrs old, Falklands: No go, too young.

    Which RHA Regt does he claim? I believe 4 Fd still had the maroon lid?
  4. Assuming he was 18 to go to the Falklands in 82 and allowing say two years (at least) to join up do bratts or Woolwich and then transfer from the Donkey Wallopers to the Paras he'd need to be at least 49years old? As stores4snores says invite him to do the maths.

    Safe to say you can probably drop the first word from the title of this thread.

    Finally as this is the NAFFI may I compliment you on the fabulous nawks you have on your avatar!
  5. Check his name on the South Atlantic Medal Association website.

    Pound to a pinch of shit hes not on there, I will bet my testicles!

    Print it out and show him.. simples.

    Point to note is that even the 22SAS guys that deployed are on that list so no amount of, I was on sneaky beaky ops, will rub.

    Easiest outing in history!
  6. cheers chaps knew arrse wouldnt let me down shall be back on the case tonight a 18.00hrs just intime for another 12hrs of walting, except for the fact this time i know he's a walting cnut of the highest order
  7. Full match report and a photo of his work area which will have a Soldier magazine on it as well as a help for heroes calender. Should this photo include you banging his face into the woodwork with metal dustpan left by the cleaners then all the better.
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  8. Ahh the Walt hunt that most noble of endeavours that we can undertake.
  9. Why not just ask him for his number? I agree with the other posters. Too young for Falklands - probably turn out to be ex-CCF and told your boss he was ex-mob so he'd have some kudos to his pathetic, boring little life.

    Of course you could just play him along - after all if he's not doing any harm...
  10. can I suggest something in the line of cutlery based sexual abuse of said fella

    maybe some light laddlerape
  11. A walt who can't count and hasn't grasped the concept of elapsed time. Can he feed himself? Have his testicles descended? How's he getting along with those opposable thumbs?
  12. If you invite some of us along, we can help deal with him. I've a nice new shiny new lovely nice shiny serving spoon in the kitchen...
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  13. As with the student "force recon" walt, film him! You can get endless hours of joy out of getting his bullshit exploits on tape and then YouTube-ing them with added in text/voice rubbishing it all. Then you can make sure everyone he has ever talked to gets shown this repeatedly...
  14. well ive well and truly done it :)

    went in last night and casually mentioned how young he must of been when the falklands kicked off while the MD was there and asking how i was getting on, never seen someone go soo red and splutter something about feeling ill and rush off and didnt see him allnight

    so i came into work tonight to find he'd jacked his job in cleared his gear out of his wagon and went home , thats a sign of a guilty conscience if ever i saw one,

    shame cos i was,looking forward to filming some of his stories for youtube so you lot could have a laugh at him
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  15. Hopefully your boss realises you've done him a favour. Not the sort of person I'd have working for me. Even if you leave the walting element to one side as a particular, in general it goes to his character, I.e., iffy.

    Well done by the way.
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