think i have made an utter balls up of my relationship.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by TartanTrooper, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. i was chatting to a girl i quite like and without thinking i kind of made a stupid comment about rape. nothing to bad or disgusting but i have just found out the hard way (a kick in the tager and silent treatment) ,that girls dont even want to hear the word. what should i do? Should i apologise and admit im a complete tool or just let it hang awkwardly over me?
  2. 1. Admit that you're a tool (with flowers, if necessary)

    Everything else puts the ball(s) in her court (no pun intended)
  3. Can you expand on the comment you made ? Without hearing the details it would be difficult to give any advice. :wink:
  4. will do, thanks.
  5. If you didn't apologise when she kicked you then she already knows you are a complete tool.

    Hope this helps.
  6. well i made a joke about edible underwear, she called me a creepy bugger and laughed, i said i may be a bit dirty but i have never done a rape.........or words to that effect, to which she replied with a swift kick in the tadger and silent treatment
  7. I take it she doesnt understand anything at all about the general arrser?

    Flowers,chocolate,wine and if that doesnt help......

    Put her details on here and let us have some fun with her!

    Always willing to offer help,;)
  8. Your comment sounds like it was said in jest, obviously she has a poor sense of humour and sounds excessively aggressive for what was such a mild comment. Personally I`d ditch her, if you ever did anything serious to upset her you`d probably wake up one morning with your meat and two veg cut off. She sounds like a right bunny boiler.
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  9. actually i think ill take your advice slick, i think i would rather have my wedding vegetables still attached.
  10. I would agree that you should definitely admit if you have been a ****** and sweeten her with flowers and chocolate. HOWEVER she does seem a bit sensible about your edible underwear joke - surely that is not offensive! Then again who knows what she has experienced in the past....

    Probably just go for flowers and an understanding talk...
  11. well its going to be a long time before i see her again so ill think about it while watching some death and destruction on tv, it always seems to cheer me up.
  12. The expression (based on what they supposedly do under police interrogation) "sweating like a rapist" is widely thought offensive, because people think the "sweating" is during the act. The "strictly speaking, the vast majority of those involved enjoy gang...." is just plain offensive to women. What you said seems pretty innocuous. It might be more her than you. Certainly, be one your guard. If she starts finding lots of other reasons to get violent I'd avoid.
  13. she is almost always violent. just realised that now you have said it.
  14. If she's almost always violent, say sorry then fcuk her off. She's a fcuking liability! If she starts getting aggro, cut the b1tch. Probably been bummed by her old man or an 'uncle' when she was little, hence the violent nature and aversion to the rape word. Too much baggage, move on
  15. RUN. Anywhere. Now. FAST! 8O
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