Think i can smell B.S.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bataz, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    Bumped into an old school friend on facebook today. He had heard through other people that i was going in the Army and said he was also joining the Army, specifically the paras and going to catterick on 1st july.

    I was a bit suspicious as 1st july is a wednesday and i thought all intakes were on a sunday?

    Also when i asked who his recruiter was he said he didnt need the afco because he was applying through a family friend who was in the paras??

    I then asked him how long his training was an he didnt know??

    I then asked where he went for ADSC & PRAC, he didnt reply and logged off??

    Anybody smell bull sh@t???
  2. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    He's talking shiite. Everyone goes through the AFCO.
  3. AFA06

    AFA06 LE

  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Can I refer you to the fine body of men and women known as the "Waltencommando"? They love the smell of bull shoite in the morning....
  5. Gren

    Gren LE

    Can I refer you to, "Boll0-cks" as all your posts seem to be in this vain?

    Thai boxer
    Brithday in basic
    Para this or that
    Blah blah blah!!!!!!

    You are a walt, or at the very least, a c0-ck
  6. CTU-UK

    CTU-UK War Hero

    Don't let on and just play him along. Tell him you are going that same day and that you can meet up in the train station. This looks fun and i look forward to you 'recounting' your funny tales of his lies.
  7. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    haha, keep it coming, love it!
  8. Gren

    Gren LE

    Happy to, I hate bullshitting tw@s, who think they can come on here and make out they are something.

    Far to long in the tooth to bother with cnuts.
  9. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    Yep no point making out you're something you're not.
  10. Gren

    Gren LE

    Bye then, you off?
  11. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    Nope, no reason to.
  12. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    He already knows my start date for ITC Catterick otherwise might of been fun to wind him up.
  13. Jord2008

    Jord2008 Old-Salt

    He's walting that he's going to be TRAINING for the paras 1st of july? All time low today. I passed selection and am going training walts...
  14. bataz

    bataz Old-Salt

    Just surprises me that i went to school with the lad and he would come out with random bull like that. Never mind, crack on.
  15. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist War Hero


    You muppet, hows that for a contribution, are you the Don of this site...