Think GCSEs are being dumbed down?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gracchus, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Jesus! Not a mention of Heisenbergs uncertainty principle!!

    Welcome to 21st century Britain!!
  2. A Fudgeing joke shirley.
    My old Physics teacher must be rotating in his grave.
  3. But which way would he rotate in the Northern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect?
  4. Thing is, y'see, these days we don't get taught the subject- we get taught to pass the exam. If I wanted to be taught exactly what to write to pass a history exam, I'd have chosen 'History exam passing techniques' as a GCSE, not History... There is also enough pressure on these young people already, without the media, parents, government et al all assuming the exams are getting easier because they're being dumbed down. Its all complete shite and is in bad need of reform. GCSEs don't test your knowledge of the subject, they test how good your teachers are at teaching you the correct technique, in my opinion, this is wrong. (I still passed all mine... Just)

    Edited to add: Jesus Christ! I've just been looking through that paper, and I'm lost for words! Ok, maybe with science, maths etc you do need to learn a few facts and figures, but with others- English, History, RE for example, I still stand by my last.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Please tell me thats not a real exam paper for Physics. How can being able to answer those questions constitute a knowledge of physics. Fcuking hell, no wonder kids speak in text speak and are thick as a whale omelete. If the exams were that easy when I did mine I'd have 10 A levels and a fcuking Phd.

    If this is the level we are testing kids at how sh1t are the teachers at teaching. 8O
  6. Failed physics o-level thirty six years ago. Got 30/40 on that quiz.
  7. GCSEs aren't being dumbed down, they're already easy, they've been easy for quite some time now.
  8. That's a wah... Right?
  9. You hear a lot of Education types in the press saying that the GCSE's are not being dumbed down, kids are just workign harder. To me it seems we first of all have to decided what the GCES's are for. For example, if they are supposed to help real world employers decide who is better than who, then having high pass rates and lots of A* doesnt help. We had this situation when I was an instructor and we were told to make the exams harder in order to achiev a better ratio of A's, B's abd C's

    However, the flip side is, you could say that the GCSE's are there to show a certain level of competance, and therfore it is perfectly acceptable and possible, that every person taking the exam is at that level of competance, hence, everyone passes and gets good marks.

    Not sure myself which one I would opt for, but todays society doesnt seem to like people being labeled as "failures"

    "Your all Special" /hug

    edited for mong spelling, but there are still loads in here. Type fast, dont check :D
  10. What I said or what the topic is about?

    I'm being completely serious, when I did my GCSEs in 2003, I thought they were bloody easy, and things haven't changed from when my sister did them (she's older than me). GCSEs really aren't difficult.
  11. No, the GCSEs are not dumbed down. The kids sitting the exams are being dumbed down. For them there is no such thing as failure, ergo very little impetuous to strive for excellence.

    They have been systematically dumbed down to accept and even be rewarded for mediocrity. (The amount of Army Applicants who walk through the door expecting us to be impressed with their long list of GCSE "passes" at D and below beggar’s belief.)

    Exactly when did D, E and F constitute an actual Pass?
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    GCSE's as I remember it were a confirmation that you had learned a subject to a certain level. You had a working knowledge of a particular subject. That quiz is just that a basic quiz and the knowledge needed to pass it could be absorbed by reading a single book. Hardly showing a working knowledge of science in my mind.
  13. Thinking back to my own GCSE English exam, there was a book we were meant to have studied for the best part of 6 months. I hadn't even picked it up until we entered the exam room, and I passed with a B grade.

    Edited to add: That was 2000/2001.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Which rather proves the point that today exams do not test the knowledge supposedly imparted in the classroom.

    What do kids learn in school these days?