Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. There are times, as the sun begins to gently set behind the connunist panel blocks, and my Ukrainian servant is a little slow in bringing my evening opium pipe, when I get to thinking about things. Yes, things. I believe it is time to talk about things. Not controversial ones, not embarrassing ones and definitely not sexual ones. Just things........
  2. Like a walk in the park ?
  3. Christ Scrofula, you've really outdone yourself. I mean, I've seen some pointless posts, absolutely unrelevant, subject thin and utterly uninteresting posts, but this new topic has to be one of your best. Well done.

    Now then, where's a Mod when you need something holing?
  4. Sir, I reckoned that would have been holed without a single comment! Well done!
  5. However, like anyone today, I think sincerely that Things are very important, and the more intoxicated I get, the more important Things become. I've tried therapy but I only make the therapists laugh.
  6. Like a kiss in the dark?
  7. How's the new medication?
  8. They told me not to take alcohol with it but now I know it's cause doctors are scared of hiphop.Whey hey. Boogey. Your granny could knit me a hat, man, or at least lend me one as she lays back gasping. No,no,no,no, I must take at least one example of this back to the shop with a doctor's report and ask for my money back. It was bight down that aisle, and I was fooled. Shaving lotion is definitely not Austrian 80. Too late now....
  9. Like a sailboat ride?
  10. Watching a beautiful sunset
  11. Are you really female? Are you (reasonably) attractive? Do you have any photographs of you posing on your bike?
  12. Christ... Is this like one of those "improv" shows where your instruction is "Get holed in the style of Caubeen"?

    If so....

    It's still shit.
  13. Girliebiker its not a sunset but heres a sunrise I took earlier this year

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  14. Thank you Mick, that brings back memories, it's been a long time since i've been back 'home'.
  15. Standing in the rain. :D