Things Youd Rather Not Have Been Around In The Greenfly

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. OK, that sink of depravity and degradation. What still makes you wince, to this day?

    A man, a Corps character and lately the Chief Dinosaur, drunk as a skunk, dressed as a jester and waving his private parts at a very unamused lady who turned out to be a very, very, very senior officer's wife. Oh how we laughed. Then.
  2. My Ex wife.....

    but then we've had that discussion. There are many mnay memorable and not so memorable nights in the Fly An awful lot of them I can't remember..i wonder why. Probably because i was so drunk i did something totally embarassing and never wanted to remember it....oh hang on it's coming was the time....oh bugger it's gone again.

    The obvious ones..telling the RSM at the time that I thought he was a w*anker.. That went down well.
    Shagging a the gorgeous wife of some Corps Sgt (outside not inside).

    Just the usual Corps things 8O
  3. I remember the Fly behind the cookhouse in the Sandhurst Block, in the days when the finger removal unit all had cheese cloth shirts and perms, even the bald ones. Rode a motorcycle through it with the MT LCpl, both as drunk as skunks. I also seem to recall a certain WO who checked his pistol behind the bar and whose career never fully recovered.
  4. and what year was this?

    it just wasn't the same when it moved down to the MT park. what facking genius thought it would be a bright idea to move the fly half a mile away!??!?
  5. erm..He was drunk as well and we a laff about it the next day. so no long term career damage!!
    It wasn't your wife. You weren't married then!..She said "He doesn't understand me ......."
  6. A certain removal unit operator who decked the RSM of the time (not of the unit, but of the whatever amorphous grouping it was called at the time).
    Got away with it, too. I wasn't in the Fly at the time, but the applause rang round the Province for weeks.
    (Shouldn't have been the case, of course, but unfortunately there were very personal overtones in it all, and let's face it; the RSM was a pretentious knob. I'm sure he learned from the episode and became a good bloke afterwards. Emigrated, apparently.)

  7. i probably wasn't even born then, you old f*cker ;)
  8. The same person that thought climbing one of the many comms mast pissed whilst on the way back to the block would be a laugh! I believe this incident has an "Ashford Cow" commonality!
  9. shaddup about the bloody cows... :oops:
  10. Thats gonna follow you round for years old pal.
  11. don't know what you're talking about *whistles innocently*
  12. More!
    Then I'll spill the beans about the sheep in Block 6a.
    About, not on.
  13. CR, The guy I'm thinking about was involved with a cow incident at Ashford and climbed a comms mast on the way back to the Sandhurst Block. It wasn't you I was thinking about however. But just because you're not paranoid...........
  14. all i will say is i never climbed a mast. :)
  15. Driven me up the pole plenty of times though!