Things youd rather not do yourself

Wandering around the interweb on a quiet Sunday afternoon I came across this image. It set me thinking about what people least enjoy doing and what extreme measures they might take to avoid having to do it?

H. Nomad
Would not want to hot wax my own testicles
VMechA said:
MSI64 said:
Would not want to hot wax my own testicles
You write that as though you would like someone else to do them for you....
And you write like I havent already :twisted:
What if his beret blows off into the oggin, he's playing with fire if you ask me...
vvaannmmaann said:
When you Googled "Men ironing in tricky situations" what were you hoping to find?
Men ironing in tricky situations - what else?

ordinaryforces said:
There must be one hell of a lead on that iron :D
It's not plugged in - the plug can be seen to the right of the left foot of the non-ironing one.


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