Things you would like to do.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. 20 years ago, I would have said Shag Aretha Franklin, now I'd think twice. Today, fucc Amy Wineswine, but I don't mean fucc in the sexual sense.
  2. So that's how you spell her name? I always thought it was Urethra.
  3. I take it you like the larger lady? 20 years ago, thinking, 'Blues Brothers' she was fat as fook.
  4. Boogy on down was a metaphor. It meant - it you haven't got any flour, just burrow. As in mining, if you hear a cry of satisfaction above, you've struck gold.
  5. See Britain return to a sense that we're all in it together, instead of every Jack bastard screwing everyone else over for some worthless piece of tat.
  6. Get accidentally promoted to Brigadier by next Thursday, so I can get all the sproggy junior officers at my unit doing burpees in the slush and snow. (And so I can finally get a sports afternoon.)
  7. Skintboy, were it within my ambit, I would say Kneel, Arise, You are therefore Blessed with Brigadierhood ( isn't that how it's done?), go forth and do what you wish........
  8. I'd like to shove a Mars Bar up Cheryl Cole's wrong un.
  9. And I'd like to eat it.
  10. Taking an old broomhandle Mauser with the long magazine down to any place in the UK where "the youth" hang out would be a good night out for me.
  11. There would be no chocolate left, trust me!
  12. Bum Silvia Saint. Twice.
  13. Mylene Klass, I'd love to do her.
  14. Stab Tony Bliar, the WMF and Gordon Brown through the eyes with a Zulu spear, whilst having Myleen riding me and Kylie squirming on my face.