Things you would like to do to Lekta

Hootch said:
What she really doesn't want us to do .......... ignore her :!:
Exactly. She's probably a complete moose anyway, why else would she become a jerno? Low self confidence and the need to pick at the faults of others safe behind the anonimity of the news print.


Kit Reviewer
I've not seen all of Lekta's posts - yet. Is Lekta definitely a female ?

From the crass statements I've read so far I realise that the individual is intellectually challenged, so I think we're pretty safe in assuming that it's a journo, but has he/she/it given any indication of gender ?
Who cares, take her/him/it out, get them pissed and then dump them somewhere isolated with no clothes or money. Preferrably in Wales, probably get sha'gged by the locals! :p
frenchy said:
My eyes burn from looking at the gallery!!!!!
Some truly horrid looking 'people' there - strange how these people hate 'chavs and charvers' - the subjects of no small discussion on this site :D

Are we the only perfect people in the world?

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