Things you wish you had done or known whilst you were in

Things you wish you had done or known whilst you were in

I've created this one to allow the guys that ARE still in to learn from our mistakes.

1. Spend way more time and money in Amsterdam

2. To realise that when posted abroad, the world does not revolve around the imaginary perimeter that is only 5K from the camp

3. Realise that the locals, no matter how dull, can usually take you out for a really good time if you get to know the fcukers. Unless they are Arabs in which case it is prudent to take the .357 that you bought from the street trader 2 days ago once you have made sure the ammo works.

4. Learn the language of the place you are invading. Not because it helps you at the time, it's just a cool thing to know afterwards

5. Don't have a bird at home whilst you are overseas. It'll tie you down, make you dull (seen as you are being "true to her") and she'll be fcuking her best mates boyfriends best mate anyway, because "you weren't there"

6. Write letters to the above expressing your suspicions after spending 11 hours in the NAAFI

feel free to add
Do not blow all your wages in millionaires weekend, save some for the card school.

Do not ever bet your car playing 3 card brag, especially going blind.

It is not clever wasting your money to go home for a long weekend~ save it and go on the lash with the boys to amsterdam.

do not be an arrse and get your self in the shit and getting extras in the preceeding 2 months leading up to crimbo.

do not ever volunteer to babysit for tp/plt sgt/c/ssgt ssm/csm or officer, they are tightfisted and still give you weekend duties.

it is big and clever to be seen in the local brothel by your wife's best mate. (not wise to ask what she was doing there to see you in the 1st place)
Bunch of nobbers.

1. Get a NATO posting, who gives a fcuk what you spend in Sex Capital.

2. Who gives a fcuk when and if you turn up to work.

3. Shag the locals, they love it.

4. Don't bother with "ich leibe dich", they all speak English and grunt it.

5. Nothing wrong with one here and one there. Just do not invite them to have coffee together.

6. Don't write any letters, we have fecking E-Mail. Easy to lie.

7. I am adding


That doesn't look like you....


Putting the brothels in Berlin to better use in 1985, spending just a bit more DMs and getting a girl to............................................... :?

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