Things you wish you could have done.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by billyx, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. I had to enjure the sisters `x` yestarday, which got to a point where i was in the loo and trying to think of ways to get him to come in .
    Iv`e known him since school and he is what everyone must have had at thier school.

    The fat annoying one!!!(the guy who knows he wouldn`t stand a chance but still bigs himself up.(and despite me knocking such crap outa his mate i almost left him a garden veg.

    This guy is a right piece of work,he thinks he`s a bighead and likes to wrap phonecords round peoples throats(my was pregnant sister)
    he is the type who gets a kick from saying sh*t over a phone and acts like a mate when you see them face to face.

    fat knut `cut your viens kick your f*cking teeth out and cut you ear from ear `then feed you to the pigs.

    He approached me a said (hand outstretched)"no hard feelings mate"

    if it wern`t for the disco being his/my sisters kids it would have gone very differantly:)(all those dna retards in one place,i felt like cracking off afew rounds into the room:)

    he`d be a wetpatch on the shed floor next to the disc cutter and the big box with the rest of his fat ass in.

    oneday i will get my rewards of patience and il bury his fat f*cking addams apple.

    im pretty sure when my sis`s kids realises her dads a w*nker she may even invite me to gutfuck him

    familys eh,just f*cking kill em !!:)

    anyone else had one of those days latly:)
  2. WTF are you on about, could I suggest an anger management course
  3. Do him, better for the kids in the long run.
  4. Billy are you 6.

    Go and pull some arms and legs off an action man to make yourself feel a bit better
  5. Not unlike your performance last night?

    You complete Gobshite, your poor Sister obviously told you about the phonecord incident in the hope you'd grow a pair and do something about it. Now she just lies at home thinking of shagging me and hoping for a half decent brother the next time round.
  6. She is a slut, and loves being chocked....... how do you tyhink she fell pregnant?

    1. By being easy
    2. With a flex round her neck
    3. For being a whore

    anyone else had one of those days latly:)[/quote]

    I can't recomend the use of firearms innside a building, unless you use adequate ear protection. May I also suggest a lead bullet as opposed to a copper jacket.

    Ive had a bad day, however, my sister isn't a fetish preggo slag and I don't get angry at the thought of fat men mounting her.