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Discussion in 'REME' started by gallahad, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Its not the grand things, I find that soldiers wish for when exiting the army, but those simple things in life which the army took for granted. My friend from Hartlepool, big wish was to get wall to wall carpeting , mine was to get a bed that doesn't wobble or squeak,and be able to say NO to any "extra duties" in civvy st.
  2. A beard and ponytail for me when I get out
  3. 9-5. Or at least to be paid extra when I do more.
  4. Being able to leave work at work.
  5. To be able to phone in sick when I can't be arrsed with work.
  6. At the moment i hope for a tour or a posting to some where that goes on tour, after 18 months of sitting doing nothing i need a break
  7. I wish for my two Bosses not to be self obsessed w**kers and manage their men and not thier own careers.
  8. Oh and while I'm here.
    I wish for:

    a. A spares system which will give me spares not supply responses.
    b. A Goverment who'll give me modern equipment not relics.
    c. A Hierarcy who gives a S*ite.
    d. An Air force not full of gaylord fannies.
    e. Somebody at Bicester who knows what their doing.
    f. A correct pay statement, if only once!

    Rant over.
    Sorry having a bad day.
  9. Running water and toilets at work would be a start, as would heating during winter.
  10. Mortgage £1 million a month, council tax, gas, electric, food, crime rates, travel costs, nobody gives a toss about ya'... That's civvy street. Grass is always greener. Don't be too keen to jack it in.. :)
  11. To be back in the army and looking up Lt Clitty H**g's RAEC green issue skirt, drinking in her white stocking clad thighs and knocking one out as soon as possible after the event.............Ill get my coat.

    Pip pip
  12. Don't recall said officer. Apparently the place is sinking..
  13. Said Officer was i/c Army Education at Princess Marina Colleague in 1982. A sight for sore eyes and every REME Army Apprentice's wet dream. If she is still around I hope she is well and I'd like to let her know id use her business for toothpaste.

    Pip pip
    Effy 20

  14. I second that. Be sure you know what you are doing when you leave. Civis are cnuts of the highest order. If you think your troop Sgt is just looking after himself, then you havent experienced anything yet. Life is not always greener on the otherside.

    If you have one wish then wish to be a "selfish cnut" and look after number one, Because no fecker else will.

  15. umm. Obviously a singly then.

    1. You will need a house when you eventually get out, get your head out of the sand.
    2. If you are in a quarter you will pay ciloct at around the same rate.
    3. And gas.
    4. And Electricity
    5. And food.
    6. Crime rates?, go get a quarter round hounslow.
    7. Travel costs? Get a civvy job where you live (or move to where you work), you dont have to keep moving every 2-3 years you know...
    8. Agree on that one.

    1/8 not bad you stay in then.