Things you Proffed, no names

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MacSapper, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. I think that as Sappers we have proffed a lot of kit along the way.
    We have witnessed the trophies in the Corps mess silver, (all nicked with a few donated ) but not the same as "Fuk that looks nice, Im havin it".

    I want to start with the RSME flag, there is more but that was the ultimate, it took me 18 years to get it but a fkin did.

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  2. Auschwitz sign. :)
  3. Some burd from RHQ 39!!

    Now I can't get rid of her......... :cry:
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  5. I may or may not have summat golden from the Victoria Memorial
  6. SEEN!
  7. I once swiped a porn-comany branded ashtray from one of those w@nk-booth places in Germany. It was great until I got posted back to the UK and my mum found it in my kit...

    A few years later I climbed up the medieval tower thing in the market square in Saffron Walden. The top bit of it came off in my hand and sat on my window-sill in Carver Barracks for the next couple of months. Now every time something like Time Team comes on TV, I feel slightly guilty that a monument that stood intact for 600 years in a lovely little town is now diffy it's tip thanks to a drunken Sapper...
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  8. I once found a box labelled 'Officers Mess' sat in one of those wheeled trolly things the storemen had.

    Inadvertantly I walked into it and wheeled it back to our block......doh!

    Back in my room I opened it to find.................................wait for it.............................144 rolls of pink 'comfy bum'

    There was literally shit on when they realised it was gone.

    Our block was the only one without grease proof bog roll for a month!!!

  9. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Eager Beaver. Found lying around and unloved in Port San Carlos. Underslung on a Chinook to Kelly's Garden. REME fellas took the id numbers off and hey presto, our very own useful and much loved fork-lift.
  10. If any of you Sapper types "proffed" a day sack from Glamoc in 1999 when you were leaving the place then Cheers you bastard, it had 60 rounds of 5.56 in the top that I went on CO's orders for!

    I know it was one of you!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My 'mate' 'came across' an Engineers sqn flag from the Maze in 93, the sqn escapes though I believe it to be 23, the flag had a black horse on it.

    A whole company of Welsh guards had their kit searched in an attempt to find it, to no avail, it was inside a Saxon engine cover.

    It then spent the rest of our tour in the drivers accomodation of NHSM before we sent it back (I think).
  12. I'm tidying my shed over Christmas, so if anyone wants a Chieftain AVLB, let me know...
  13. Stop shedding things, it's not big and clever.

    Yours aye

    Plant-Life's wife.
  14. I really would love to tell all of a wonderful prize that I may or may not have proffered sometime this year, but you never know who is reading this and I'm sure a certain unit probably heard no end about the possible item's possible disappearance and would love to get their hands on it (and me).

    It does look very nice in my bedroom though.
  15. Painters in?