Things you loved/hated in Basic Training

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. As Disco MOD decided that the things you hate in basic training was a stupid face book type thread in "Joining up" and locked it. (I do not have a Facebook account so can only guess at what that means)

    Perhaps it would work here?

    I think it's got potential. But there again I know 'nowt.

    I do not have a gripe about basic training. (1976)

    I feckin loved every minute of it.

    The RSM was quieter than my dad.

    The Provost Sgt was better looking than my sister.

    The food was better than what I wasn't eating as an art college student.

    The pay was better than what I wasn't earning as an art college student.

    The guns were proper well hard after my .177 air rifle.

    The gun control was not as strict as my parents.

    Drill was a nice change from the usual shambolic miserable walk through Lincoln on a wet Monday morning.

    I had money in my pocket.

    I had grub in my belly.

    We saluted people wearing 58 pattern webbing.

    Even the DS staff, who we all considered the cruelest mothers on the planet were top blokes as we proudly passed out of the depot in front of our families. (well, my family were not there, as my dad was on a top secret operation, him being RAF and all...)

    Here is a photo of my miserable looking Band of Brothers.


    Pretty Ally eh? 8O
  2. the section you had to sort his admin out because he was a useless tosser who couldn't wipe his own arrse..

    Thats why annoyed me about basic...!
  3. HA look at FA cup on the right, on second thoughts there are a few jugsy's in your platoon.
  4. C'mon then... Which one is your choice for the section div? :D

    One of the guys in that photo paid his £20 and left before pass out. He was a Welshman and not a bad bloke as it happens.
  5. Section? That was our bleedin platoon mate.
  6. Front row, Second from the left. Has a touch of the druid about him.... and as for the underarm pouches.....
  7. Opps indeed i was reading Kingburns post while typing, edited for mongness, the ear comment still stands though.
  8. I was going to shout sprog til I saw the dms and puttees. I joined 84 and cried in the ablutions after my 3rd show parade at midnight on my 18th birthday during basic. Otherwise good fun.
  9. That's me. (Honest) Now lay back on this slab whilst I sacrifice you to the Gods. :D
  10. I vote, front row, far right or JUGSIE as he is known is,was and always will be platoon div......

    I claim my £5 and I am off to bed!
  11. Every platoon had to have at least one.
  12. Thats an awesome photo Arte, but I have to get back to the JU forum there's a blazing argument over padlocks and someone has posted "10 things that annoy you about combi tools..."
  13. Loved and hated Thursdays
    Loved cos it was pay day ooohh what to do with that £38.
    Hated cos we had failed the block inspection,another one Friday fail that and no w/end away(never happened but we weren't to know)
  14. REALLY?

    Well theres lovely, isnt it.....
  15. I've seen that picture before, framed.
    Now was it your copy of the picture, or one of the other fine Craftsmen of the Corp who passed out with you?