Things you have not had for years excluding sex

A cigarette. Can't say I miss them and can't remember what possessed me to take them up in the first place.

They did keep midges, mossies, hunger pangs and sleep at bay, though.
That reminds me: I actually missed the 10th anniversary of having my last cigarette.

February 5th 2009

Cigarettes themselves, I don't miss at all.


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Anyone remember "Honey Bear" spread , it came in a margarine type tub. I haven't seen it in years and to be honest i don't know if it had ever seen a bee but it did taste nice


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The gentian violet was almost part of our school uniform.
I got impetigo at board school, got quarantined by matron, 10 days of watching tv and no PE.
Would have liked doing PE with matron, perhaps that is where my liking for the mature lady came from?
Findus crispy pancakes. Good job an' all... it’s a toss up between them and my local catholic priest, for which is my most suppressed, traumatic childhood experience.
Maltese deep-fried date cakes, straight out of the boiling oil which was so black you couldn’t see the cake until it bubbled back to the surface. Heavenly.
Oh, and ricotta ‘pastizzi’ - also a Maltese speciality.
Memories of childhood .

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