Things you have not had for years excluding sex

I had a Pomegranate today must be at least 20 years since I last tasted one.
What have you guys not tasted for years


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Coincided in fact, with the date I left the army.

My mum's homemade meatloaf. It was ace. Apart from the time she put liver in it, which made it completely minging - only the dog liked that one.
Locust Beans .... which were available as alternative to sweets during " Rationing " .... I found out a few years ago that they were / are cattle feed ... they were awful .... Brawn made from boiled sheep's head ... Pig's trotters ... all eaten as a kid ... in those days if you survived the first 10 years you were set for life .
Cod Liver Oil [by the tablespoon] none of yer poofy capsules
I had that .... with a spoonful of Government issue Orange juice concentrate to take away the taste .
Sweet ciggies, sweet tobacco, marmalade with a golliwog badge offer on the label, cherry lips, a borrow of a bongo vid that seemed to be shot through a blizzard
Years ago you used to get in the freezer cabinet, little bags of pearl onions in a white sauce.
They were lush and I have looked everywhere and tried to replicate them but to no avail.

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