Things you hated at basic training?

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Ok, so it cant be all swings and roundabouts - What didnt you guys and girls like about it?
Steel helmets, puttees and DMS boots. Oh, and soaking wet feather sleeping bags. And 58 pattern webbing.
having **** all to do at the weekend and not being able to watch the football


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Saturday morning Drill and endless,endless block cleaning!
I expect they get cleaners these days. :D
Hearing "Stand fukcing Still" at 130db in my ear as I sauntered to breakfast in the dark at 5.55am with my hands in my pockets, that earned me 5 weeks of polishing the exploding bus memorial at Helles Barracks.


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listening to the words " sinister" "dexter" on the daily 20 mile route march and keeping my gladius sharp :D
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