Things you hate or make you angry (merged discussions)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_rigger, Mar 4, 2003.

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  1. Dog dung
    Dog dung
    Dog dung
    Smelly foo's
    Dog dung :mad:
  2. Lets hope the CDT team are nowhere near Zanussi tomorrow then mate ;D
  3. 1, Puffs
    2, Firemen
    3, Brummies
    4, Gingers
    5, Ginger, brummie, Firefighting puffs
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Man Utd
    Rum Baa Baas
    BMW drivers
    432 Track pin
  5. Big Brother
    Death Row
    Clitoral ignorance
  6. man utd :mad:
    tony blair :p
    ignorance and predjudice especially against the disabled who can't help being disabled  :mad:
    the french :mad:
    the spanish  :p :p
  7. I have nothing against Man Utd - just their die hard supporters who have never been to Old Trafford in their lives - I'd put them on my list.

    Top of my list is Pack Radio Clansman - I'm sick of carrying it, sick of housebrick batteries, sick of my signaller, sick of BATCO and SOCs, sick of having to take the bloody thing off my back to change freq to talk to mortars (not enough MFCs to go round) or anyone else.

    26 years in the firm and I've never carried anything else (except a 319 in the mid-late eighties) and I'll have hung my boots up by the time we get something that does the job.

    Combat net radio in the British army is a crime. The Falklands PXR slated it (and got us BATCO - we had MAPCO and Slidex before) and here we are 21 years later and nothing has changed. We have the most primitive combat net radio in the world. Thank f**k for Nokia or I would never speak to anyone on the battlefield.
  8. 1. Norway
    2. Snow
    3. Ice
    4. ignorance and predjudice especially against the disabled who can't help being disabled. I hate this one too :mad:
    5, trying to have a Crap in a bag in a whiteout with only two sheets left.  :'(
  9. 1. gays in the forces
    2. the french
    3. the spanish
    4. sennybridge
    5. the french!

    Unreal with reference to your number 4 above, do the french and spanish count as disabled?  
  10.   cats
  11. My ex wife
    My neighbour who crashed into my car last Xmas
    The tosser who stuck his fingers up at me this morning on the M56
  12. Football Fans (Brainless T W A T S)
    Profesional Footballers (as above)
    Boy bands
    Yanks (especially GWB)  :mad:
    Ignorance ;)
  13. Black people
    People with no sense of humour  ;D
  14. 1. The French
    2. David Bekham and his skinny tw@t of a wife
    3. Chalotte Church (irrational hatred!)
    4. Tony B Liar
    5. Marmite
  15. 1. The current US administration
    2. Ariel Sharon (One day God will judge you, and I hope Rabin is there when he does)
    3. The Prince o' fcuking darkess hisownself Richard Perle
    4. Football (except the Might Cockney heroes)
    5. Buff - For just being a pathological self-serving liar