Things you hate in restaurants

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by greenbaggyskin, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Not having seen 51-100 yet, may I just add;

    If your customers don't give you a tip - never under ANY circumstances make your displeasure obvious. If the service warrants a tip, you'll get one. If you didn't get a tip just ask yourself why, and try to rectify it next time.
  2. ...quality service in a British restaurant? Give over!

    Then there's American service:

    Hello, my name's Tina and I'm your service executive and host for tonight.
  3. I don't understand the "don't let the bottle/pitcher touch the rim of the glass because its dirty" one. Anyone who honestly cares about that probably has a touch of OCD...

    If it were a case of "because its bad form" then fair enough but I never heard of anyone getting food poisoning from a bottle rim.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Things I hate in restaurants?

    Suicide bombers.
  5. Things I hate in restaurants?

    When you tell the waitress you want the steak cremated, she says, "Ok, but I dont think the chef will like that"?

    I couldnt give a shite what he likes, its me eating it not him.

    Always been a bugbare of mine, being told how meat "should" be cooked.
  6. Customers.
    All cnuts, every last one of them
  7. They taste great with a little pesto and side salad!
  8. My pet hate(s):

    When you arder something without something:
    "Can I have the sandwich without mayonaise please"
    "No dressing on the salad please"
    "Can you do that without the (red pepper, onions....)"
    and it arrives with the thing you wanted omitted.

    What I REALLY hate is when the item arrives with the dressing, mayonaise etc and you say "I asked for this without..." and the waitress whines "Can't you eat it that way?"

    FFS NO!!!! If I wanted a salad with dressing I would have ordered that.
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    True, but it's an absolute lottery as to how big the bits will be. They need to come with a steak knife.
  10. Barbarian !! You might as well eat a your boot soles.
    Whats your problem - you scared of the sight of a bit of blood ?

    Seriously - the more "pink" the more tender, the more taste.

    I say that as someone who also used to order Steak Napalm - until I was introduced to the joy of "rare".

    My pet hates are over-fussy menus - "served with a jus of...." etc and small portions. Shock the bastards, when they present some beautifully presented plate containing 10 calories say loudly " Lovely, - but I am actually hungry".
  11. The noise pollution machine set to 'annoy'. The too loud music often seems to be aimed at a generation who have yet to be weaned off the Cow and Gate let alone dine out. Shite. And as for hotel restaurants when I'm the only fcuker at breakfast I'll have the music turned off please. You'd think I'd asked for kitten sausages.

    Indignant waitress: "you asked for white coffee." "No I didn't Magda. I've been drinking coffee black longer than you've been speaking English, you just didn't understand."

    Right-that's that off my chest.
  12. Portion control is shocking; rump on the bone though?
  13. Menus where they go into too much detail - Pan fried, corn-fed chicken breast in a chardonnay wine and slow, oak matured cheddar cheese white sauce with flat leaf parsley and all served on a plate of total bullshit.
  14. ...and, and, when the asst manager chappy last night said to the waitress: 'Take them to table nine'... THEM! Are we at the local nick waiting to be found a cell?! :x After a discussion on the Simple Basic Skills he offered a starter gratis; carry on my good man!