Things you don't get ....... but everyone else does

If you think that’s bad, some people on this very site believe that the ability to recite Homer’s Iliad in ancient Greek from memory is the ideal vehicle to be Prime Minister of the country.

Who knew Homer could write ancient Greek, I wonder if Marge ever tutted and said that "Its all Greek to me"
Whats with these affronts to civilisation? , can't get it in your pie hole, falls to bits when you take the skewer out and you end up with a pigs breakfast you have to snuffle through like a tramp looking for chips in a bin.

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Oh I don’t know. Latin is a dead language. Nobody, but nobody speaks it. Yet those that can read/write and translate it have demonstrated an ability to comprehend an alien subject and master it.

Thus when Bernard is put on a new project, Sir Humphrey would have some confidence that he could at least grasp the core issues. As in fact the “real” Bernard and Sir Humphrey played out many times.

You can’t teach “how to be a civil servant” on a degree course, so you must look for other vehicles as an assessment. Just like if you are bombing an obscure feature in a Lancaster, which doesn’t show up on the H2S, you figure out how far it is from a known/visible feature and you’re off to the Dresden races.
I have been hearing people (mostly lazy 'educators' (and other spackoids who should know better) telling us that Latin (and for the same reasons Greek if you understand what I mean) is a dead language since I was at primary school.
This, I knew even then, was utter bollox as they were and are universal languages in so many professions such as law, medicine, taxonomy and other fields despite the efforts of barbarians.
My schools', primary and secondary, 'progressiveness' in not teaching us even the basics was a massive drawback for myself, barring me from much extra-curricular research and, amongst other factors, caused the school itself to drop out of the top hundred in the country to wayyyyy down the tables, never to resurface.
Another reason (amongst many) that I gave up the civvy career sh!te to join the infantry.
They’re combat indicators of quality, or lack thereof. A lady’s legs, when dressed for dinner, should be covered, by convention. That’s probably the “learned/conditioned” aspect of @Ortholith’s erm, thrust. Some may disagree, but not this callsign.

If one pays attention, there are several indicators. Cheap tights or holdups will be knitted on a one-piece basis. They have quite typical weave patterns. They also include elastic fibers, as they are not intended to be worn under the tension provided by a suspender belt or corset. Note the minimal reinforcement of the toe, and complete absence of heel reinforcement.

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Now more traditional hosiery is afforded by the Reading Machine. This knits a flat, non-elastic shape, which is then hand-sewn into the classic “fully-fashioned” stocking shape, with reinforcement of the heel, toe and welt, often in a couple of stage in the welt.

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Note the definition of the seam, and the double seam in the welt. There stockings today cost about $50 a pair, whereas the cheap shit is under $5.

Now there are imposters around. The seam is a classic indicator that the lady is wearing stockings, so some of the dastardly barrel-scrapers cheat, and weave “seams” into the one-piece elastic shit. You can see that the seam does not extend through the welt, and there is no heel reinforcement.
Beware of these:

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Next, the suspenders themselves are a dead giveaway. A lady will wear an under slip that attempts to disguise the tell-tale bumps of the suspender clips. But they’re not foolproof, and if you’ve clocked a proper seam, look for the bumps. The clips themselves though can be either plastic or metal. Plastic is for the lower end of the market:

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While a decent metal clip will last:

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Given that she’s showing them off in the car, I should imagine she’s well versed in how to wear a suspender belt. It never ceases to amaze me when birds put their knickers on first, then the hosiery and belt. How is this silly tart going to go for a piss?

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Whereas this little mix clearly knows the score.

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My wife and I have been married 15 years this year, and if there’s one thing we like, it’s getting dressed up and for a nice dinner, and having a good time. Those $50 Cervins are worth every penny ten times over :)
."It never ceases to amaze me when birds put their knickers on first, then the hosiery and belt. How is this silly tart going to go for a piss?"

Velcro Fly?

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