things you discuss with your relatives.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spoon, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. ahh the joys of half drunken discussion, the other day me and some cousins of mine were talking about how easy babies must have it.

    someone feeds them without any hassle

    sleep most of the time

    and they can shat and piss themselves and no one minds they clean that up for you to!

    if you did that now you'd get called a dirty cnut and being forced to clean it yourself...

    oh for the small joys of being a baby :D

    edit: cheers corporal forgot about that one

    corporal said

    "You also have some bint shoving her norks in your mouth all the time. :wink: "
  2. Echo that and recall some sound advice and wise words given to me by a good mate.

    He told me that when you hold your nipper for the first time nothing else matters anywhere.. he was right

    He also told me that its the only person that you will allow to sh1t, p1ss and puke on you without wanting to punch them or fill them in.. he was right

    After Chrimbo I'm still sat here nearly a week on, changing batteries, cleaning up wrapping and generally being a dogs dody while she has the time of her life, lagging and dumping where she deems fit
  3. another one was reasons to get up on a saturday morning was holly willoughby on ministry of mayhem, fine totty for a saturday morning
  4. You also have some bint shoving her norks in your mouth all the time. :wink:
  5. Cpl, the only thing you say to your relatives is "Yes mum, just there. Ooooh"