Things we do when drunk and Regret next morning

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, May 30, 2005.

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  1. Yep youve guessed it, i was wasted last night, and have a sense of 'OH Bollox did i really do that last night'

    So today i am having to make loads of appologies for the insults i was shouting out, , to the neighbours for waking them with my singing, then getting abusive when they tell me to be quiet etc...

    It s a nice area where i live ( and a bloody good job i dont have any paintballs) as i live on the 10th floor of a rather plush apartment block, so when drunk i am either seeing how far i can lean over the balcony without falling, or i have the feeling of being the german guard from schindlers list, who from his balcony randomly shoots his prisoners which is like me with my paintgun in my hand trying to shoot any one who ventures into my sights

    The one thing i can never understand though is why do we decide to phone all our mates/loved ones/anyone who is stored in the phone memory ones at silly o'clock in the morning when absolutely smashed out our face, it is one of life mysteries!

    Only to wake in the morning, seeing your phone out of battery charge, when you do charge it, you can see that you made a phone call at 0300hrs, was on the phone for over 20 minutes, and cannot remember a dam thing about it!

    Is this just me or do others do this aswell?
  2. Were you p1ssed when you posted this? at least here you can delete :lol:
  3. To my everlasting shame, I have drink-dialled

    and yes I felt like a cnut

    told all my mates I loved them

    And told an ex i wanted her babies

  4. Pulled an equally p1ssed older officer into an emergency exit of a train station on the way out from a christmas party :roll: 8O

    Think the regret was more on my part.
  5. Wake up thinking "did I do it or did I dream it, and more parts of fragmented memory become apparent as a sober up/recover from hangover.

    Thankfully not one for drink dialling, although have sent a few text messages whilst wankered that I wouldne't have done otherwise.
  6. Random fact: No matter how drunk you get, you can always remember your ex-girlfriends' phone numbers.

    What's worse though is drunk-dialling your current bird, not pressing the hang-up button on the mobile properly and then chatting up someone else in the pub. :oops:
  7. I confess: I am a serial drinker-and-dialler & drinker-and-typer! Drinking-and-dialling is an old activity for me, though my drinking-and-typing habit has only begun since I’ve been over here. A multitude of ARRSErs will be able to bear witness to my frequent drunken appearances in Chat and MSN leading several to suggest opening up an ARRSE chapter of the A.A., but I tell you now what I told them: corks rot over here, so the wine HAS to be drunk! (& no, I don't have an excuse for guzzling all that voddy, rum & gin... :oops: )

    No matter how many times I promise to myself I won't do it again, past a certain stage of inebriation the mobile comes out and a random number is called. I don't know whether this was worse when I was in the U.K. or over here, but in neither place is it a wise move.

    In the U.K. these calls were usually made any time from 01:00 and generally consisted of me 'bezzering' whoever picked up the phone. If I was lucky the call recipient had also been out on the pish so it was a mutually drunken and bezzerish phone call and I didn't usually wake them up. If I was unlucky I managed to speed-dial my tee-total father... :roll: :oops:

    Out here (where during B.S.T. the U.K. is 7 hours behind and the rest of the year 8 hours behind) drinking-and-dialling is a whole different ball-game depending on whether I dial a local or an international number... :? If I dial a local number it is usually to a mate I've just been out on the pish with, so no harm done, though a couple of months back I managed to call my boss's work number (thinking it was someone else's number). I didn't twig that the voicemail message didn't sound like Jacqui's at all and left a message that my boss (luckily a generally chilled guy) said he found quite amusing when he listened to it on the following Monday morning, though he wouldn't let me listen to it so to this day I have not a clue of what I said. :oops:

    The worst drink-and-dial scenario though, is the Singapore mobile phone to U.K. mobile phone before 17:00 U.K. time. This phone call is made when the recipient is usually: a. stone-cold-sober & b. at work. This has several downsides as the callee is not in ‘the zone’ so despite best efforts fails to find any of the random ramblings that they can make out from my incoherent spiel amusing; being stone-cold-sober they remember everything I said; having me yelling down the phone at them whilst they are at work usually means that their entire office can hear what I’m saying and finally, the phone bill at the end of the month is enough to make me cry. 8O :roll:

    Saying that, I really do have the best bunch of bezzers in the whole wide world who appear to forgive my every indiscretion, though I do think that it’s time to remove Dad’s number from my speed-dial… :lol:
  8. Must say have always loved the pished "ello babe..izzh me" call from mr miz at stupid o'clock :D particularly when he has been in a different time zone to me. Nothing beats knowing no matter how off their bloody faces they are, or with how ever many mates, and how good a time they are having you are still on their mind :lol:

    Then again I think it's romantic when he ends up face down in the garden after a night on the lash. Least he knows how to make it home :lol: :wink:
  9. Its the way that waves of fragmented cringing memories crash over you as the day after the night before progresses that gets me.

    Almost poetic if it wasnt for the nausea that usually accompanies them!
  10. Bum Love. Nuff said. :oops: :oops: :(
  11. I wouldnt know, i was drunk. However i have spent the last day in bed, so yes, guess it did!
  12. so , it's less cherry pink , and more "angry red" :D
  13. You are all weak so very weak is this the attitude that won us the empire. No matter how pished and how cringe worthy your action whilst under the influence never never show any remorse or shame the following morning. So you have woken up next to the whining neurotic ex that you promised never to see again simply pat her on the bum mutter something about calling you later and do one. I for one tried to kill a complete stranger’s dog on Saturday after it bit me on the leg at a BBQ they had to lock it in the shed after I tried to spear it with a toasting fork. On waking the following morning I even had the self righteousness to blame them for my actions. I may never get invited back but I still have my pride damm it
  14. And yet another thread goes off topic
  15. Not so much off topic, just slightly a skew :wink: