Things to see in germany

Discussion in 'Travel' started by ohbugger2007, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Is there any great places of intrest in germany or any part of europe.
  2. Yes
  3. Did you get an education???
  4. Nope, the whole of the continent has been flattened and covered in concrete, except for Calais
  5. ha,,ha,, wind up or what,,,
  6. Not in Germany, but any of the larger Italian spaghetti plantations are worth a visit. Many of them guided tours and free samples for tourists too.

  7. miss out france it stinks
  8. mind you so dose my house when im eatting curry...
  9. Belgium stinks more........... but not as bad as Slovakia
  10. Make sure you head to Ausfart in Germany. Great place
  11. i was about to mention belgium,,,mind you,,,estonia,,phew...
  12. ausfahrt thats why germany smells ...
  13. its the drains
  14. what they are all conected across europe,, no wonder the black death spread so quick..
  15. Napolean built them as he went, hides the smell of the garlic see